Javascript, APIs, and the Future of WordPress – Scott Bolinger

Automattic just announced Calypso, which is a radical new interface for It replaces the old admin experience with a faster, more modern approach. It uses a Javascript framework called React, which was developed by Facebook. The main advantage of React is that it’s supposed to allow development of web and mobile apps using …

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How To Get Your Green Card In America

When we arrive in North America, I have never yet crossed a street by myself. I’ve spent the last 14 years in Oman, a sliver of the New Middle East where, for all its malls and modernity, transit as a girl meant being driven in a car by my mom or walking in blistering heat holding my father’s hand.

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Welcome to The Crack-Up

What is happening in White America? On Monday night, I sat down to write a piece about how White Americans are losing their shit. Everywhere I looked, there were signs of white race panic. White Student Unions are popping up around the country in response to demands that university administrations do more to fight racism on campus.

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Winnipeg attorney Sheilla Leinburd on prosecuting two serial killers who preyed on indigenous women

This story is part of an ongoing Globe and Mail investigation into the hundreds of missing and murdered indigenous women in Canada. It is estimated that less than 1 per cent of homicides involve serial killers, the FBI says, so it was against all odds that Winnipeg attorney Sheilla Leinburd found herself the prosecutor on two cases involving serial predators.

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