Create Amazing Landing Pages with Ease

Have you seen some of these amazing landing pages? Until recently, you had a few options, if you were selling online and wanted truly stellar landing pages. If you try them, you’ll like them. They’re good options – especially the first two.

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Why I Switched to Rainmaker –

I recently moved to the Rainmaker platform, because I wanted to work more on my business, and less on the details of maintaining a website. In case you’re not aware, Rainmaker is a hosted WordPress solution with a very customized back-end so that everything is a lot simpler and cleaner and easier to understand.

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How to Make Money with WordPress

Most webmasters will start building websites with WordPress purely for fun; however, after a while they may want to take their hobby more seriously and look for a way to make money from their website. Now, most of you reading this will already have some basic knowledge of the WordPress platform, and we could all use a little extra cash, right?

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Two Factor Auth List

List of sites with Two Factor Auth support which includes SMS, email, phone calls, hardware, and software.

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Sass for WordPress Developers

There are many benefits of Sass for WordPress developers. You’ve probably heard many arguments for using a pre-processor by now. CSS pre-processors provide the opportunity for better code organization by using partials and nesting styles. Pre-processors help developers style faster by writing mixins and functions.

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Fukasawa: A Free Masonry WordPress Theme for Photographers and Collectors

WordPress theme designer Anders Norén is an unstoppable force, rolling out his ninth free theme to in just over a year. Fukasawa is a masonry theme designed to showcase the work of photographers, collectors, and visual artists.

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SiteGround shared hosting in-depth

For a hosting company my start with SiteGround was less than typical, as I somehow intruded on their company and client dinner at WordCamp Europe 2013. I was thoroughly sick through the whole WordCamp, so I retain no memory how that (and other things) happened. I am behind the lamps on the photo.

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