Restore via Carrier Pigeon

Thanks to recent advances in avian logistics, your friends at VaultPress are pleased to offer a brand new automated restore tool. In addition to restoring over FTP and SSH, and restoring to an alternate site, you can now restore your site using our team of carrier pigeons.

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Meet the first group of #WCEU 2015 speakers

All jokes aside, it’s time! The 2015 organising team is really excited to announce the first group of WordCamp Europe speakers you’ll be meeting in Seville. Ryan McCue was 14 when he started contributing to WordPress. Today, at 21, he’s a WordPress core contributor, and the lead developer of the SimplePie RSS/Atom parsing library included with core, plus the Requests HTTP library.

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WordPress School: Browser Tabs

In my WordPress college courses, we make it a habit to have a minimum of four tabs open in the web browser before class starts, ready to start jumping into WordPress. I equate this to having my notebook of paper and pen ready to go when my teachers started teaching in school.

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Release leads for WordPress 4.3 and 4.4

Since WordPress 3.5, we’ve had a rotating release lead. Because of the ever-present demands of the current release’s development cycle, we’ve found it tough to make these appointments well in advance. We’ve always wanted to give leads opportunity to prepare, so they can hit the ground running.

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Jetpack bundling WordPress

The CEO of Automattic worked with the co-founder of WordPress directly, mediated by the head of the WordPress Foundation. Matt Mullenweg said the meetings were very productive. As inside-baseball WordPress-focused April Fools go, this one is pretty funny: WordPress to be bundled in Jetpack with mission to power 50% of the web.

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An Employee’s Tale of WebDevStudios to Maintainn

From the age of fourteen, I bounced in and out of every fast food joint you could think of. If you’ve seen that fast food joint on the street, I’ve worked there. It’s not to say that I didn’t learn valuable things from working in fast food joints, because I did.

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Watch Strong Bad answer an email for the first time in almost six years

has been coming back here and there over the past year, and today we’re finally getting a proper return for one of its biggest stars: Strong Bad. For the first time in almost six years, a Strong Bad Email segment has been released on Homestar Runner’s site – the last email segment was released in October 2009.

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