SiteGround: Quality-Crafted Hosting Services

Hosting services crafted for top speed, unmatched security, 24/7 fast and expert support! Trusted by more than 250000 domains.

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Dvořák – Symphony No. 9 Allegro con fuoco (Official Music Video) B-Classic presents The Classical Comeback: a new music video format that gives classical music the same recognition as pop and rock music by combining the timeless emotion of classical music with the visual talent of a contemporary director.

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This is my favorite thing I saw today…Everyone peeps! – Imgur

Imgur is home to the web’s most popular image content, curated in real time by a dedicated community through commenting, voting and sharing.

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Protect your website with CloudProxy and MaxCDN

We’ve recently partnered with Sucuri CloudProxy to make website security a snap. CloudProxy is a Web Application Firewall (WAF) and intrusion detection system (IDS) that sits in front of your website. It protects from a huge variety of attacks, ranging from distributed denial of service (DDoS), SQL injection, and cross-site scripting.

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Quotable: Highlight and Share WordPress Posts on Twitter

Readers may not always identify with the title that you’ve chosen for your posts but they may find a gem within your article that is more “quotable” and worth sharing. Quotable is a new WordPress plugin that capitalizes on this, allowing readers to highlight any text within your content to quote the article on Twitter.

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