How the NFL Made a Fool of You with DeflateGate

you should be mad right now; because the NFL played you like a fiddle.


New Year’s Resolutions Starting to Falter? Here, Have All the Inspirational Bullshit I’ve Collected from Imgur Over the Years.

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Website Development is a Service

Web development can be a tough process. Understandably, if it isn’t your strength or interest there are some misconceptions or misunderstandings that come into the process of having a website developed. What makes it even more difficult is that the website development industry has a lot of people who provide poor service and even poorer quality websites.

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Stay Home Club T-Shirt

So what if the only people who actually see what you wear on a day to day basis are your instagram followers? Stay home and wear this super soft & comfy shirt while you do it. Screen printed by hand in Montreal onto a soft t-shirt in ring-spun cotton.

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