County sheriff has used stingray over 300 times with no warrant

In new statement sent to Ars, FBI says local cops can talk about stingrays. The sheriff in San Bernardino County-east of Los Angeles County-has deployed a stingray hundreds of times without a warrant, and under questionable judicial authority.

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Customize Component Update – 5/25/15

The Customizer team has been busy working on some major user-facing and behind-the-scenes changes targeting WordPress 4.3. This update will provide an overview of our goals, current status, and pathways for contributors to get involved.

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WordPress Plugin: HTTPS All the Things

I guess there’s sort of a tradition for WordPress developers where they start out by forking code they don’t really understand and then release it upon the world while not fully grokking how it works or how to maintain it. There’s probably not much of a better way to learn how this stuff works in the first place.

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Notre code de déontologie

Faisant partie de la communauté WordPress internationale, les groupe de rencontre de Montréal est régi par un code de conduite, et ses membres doivent suivre ses règles. Avec WordCamp Montréal qui approche, nous pensions que ceci était une bonne opportunity pour rappeler à tous que nous avons un code de conduite que nous prenons au sérieux.

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Our Code of Conduct

As part of the international WordPress community, the Montreal meetup group abides by a code of conduct, and members must follow its guidelines. With WordCamp Montreal coming up, we thought this was a good opportunity to remind everyone that we have a code of conduct, which we take seriously.

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Type Detail — Wenting Zhang’s 100 days project

Type detail is an ongoing project by Wenting Zhang, inspired by the great discontent’s 100 day project and Stephen Coles’s great book The Anatomy of Type. The rule and goal is to annotate a web typeface each day, pointing out the beautiful details of the type forms that often get overlooked.

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The secret Canadian plan to invade the US

Lyman Cutlar was an American farmer who, in 1859, had squatted on the San Juan Islands near Seattle. In June, he saw a large black pig eating his potatoes and shot it dead. The pig, it turned out, was owned by Charles Griffin, a ranch manager employed by Britain’s Hudson Bay Company.

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