Here’s How We Saved State-Level Open Legal Data

An open data armageddon is upon us for state legal data, in the form of the Uniform Electronic Legal Materials Act (UELMA, pronounced “you-EL-mah”). The model legislation is being adopted by states throughout the nation, requiring them to make published legal data verifiable, so that people know that it is official, authoritative, and unchanged.

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Gravity Forms Support –

Use Gravity Forms powerful built in conditional logic feature to determine when a contact or task should be created to fine tune exactly when the interaction with Capsule will occur.

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Michael DeWitt: Developing WP Themes with Using Modular Sass

CSS preprocessors make developing clean and semantic stylesheets effortless. My talk takes someone through a basic structure for organizing Sass within a WordPress theme, using the Bones theme framework as an example. I go through some of the benefits and cool tricks you can implement with this structure including breakpoint includes, variables, functions, nesting, and…


Adler: A Unique Personal Blogging Theme for WordPress

If you’re on the hunt for a new WordPress blogging theme but the designs are all starting to look too similar, you may want to check out Adler. It is one of the more unique themes to land in the directory in recent months with its uncommon typography choices and bright bursts of color.

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Authors Rating Their Own Plugins: A Epidemic – Pro Plugin Directory

Every now and then I see an interesting new WordPress plugin on Naturally, as I do with many products, I check the reviews. I want to know how its users like it before deciding to try it. More than once (many times, actually), I see a review from the plugin author themselves.

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Google Search Console Notification: Googlebot Cannot Access CSS & JS files

Google Webmaster Tools pushed an important notification to website owners via Google Search Console and by email that Googlebot is unable to access important JS and CSS files. All In One SEO Pack users and WordPress blog/site managers are instructed to update their Robots.txt file.

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Passwords in 4.3: Strong by Default

One of the development efforts in the WordPress 4.3 cycle was improving the way that passwords are chosen and changed. Before, people had to start from scratch when choosing a password. They were presented with an empty box, and had to use a really terrible tool for generating secure passwords: the human brain.

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