Are you prepared to find and land your ideal clients?

I’ll start with a simple confession. I need to write this post more than you likely need to read it. You know what I’m talking about right? I know all the things I’m supposed to do.

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Get Speaking!

We love the idea that speakers at tech events both big and small should include all types of people, but we recognize that some folks don’t feel ready, comfortable, or confident enough to propose a presentation. We put together these resources for anyone to check out and hope they will inspire you to propose a…

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@WordCampCbus/wccbus 2014 Speakers auf Twitter

Verbinde Dich mit Deinen Freunden – und anderen faszinierenden Leuten. Erhalte sofortige Updates zu Dingen, die Dich interessieren. Sieh dabei zu, wie sich Ereignisse entwickeln, in Echtzeit und aus jedem Blickwinkel.

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Full-width pinned layouts with flexbox

One good way to learn a new technology is to take something made with the existing methods and try to recreate it with the new thing. Take flexbox, for example.

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Changes to Priority Support Pricing – Easy Digital Downloads

Priority support is a service we offer to all customers that want or need faster, more in-depth support for their issues or questions. Priority support tickets are always at the top of our queue, so they get addressed much more quickly than other tickets. Since priority support is a paid service, we want all priority …

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WordPress › LaunchKey ” WordPress Plugins

Stop using insecure passwords! With LaunchKey, you can securely log in to WordPress using your mobile phone or tablet. NEW BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION AVAILABLE!!! LaunchKey is the first WordPress plugin that allows you to protect your WordPress site with biometric face scan and fingerprint scan!! What is LaunchKey?

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