The WP Tavern Comment Moderation Policy

Those of you who regularly comment on the Tavern may have noticed that your comments don’t show up immediately after submitting them. That’s because about four weeks ago, for the first time in the Tavern’s history, comment moderation for all comments was enabled.

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Connecticut made it harder to get guns – and suicides fell significantly

In 1995, Connecticut established a “permit to purchase” law, which required a background check and eight hours of safety training for those seeking to buy a handgun. Missouri used to have a law like that, too, but repealed it in 2007. New research shows what happened afterward.

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New React Developer Tools | React

A JavaScript library for building user interfaces

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Verizon is about to unveil a new logo

Following its $4.4 billion acquisition of AOL, Verizon today internally unveiled a new logo, writes Advertising Age . Because Google isn’t the only company that can revamp itself, right? Old logo pictured left, new logo on the right: The new design drastically deemphasizes Verizon’s signature red checkmark, moving it over to the right beside the “n.”

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