Building Web Apps with WordPress: Brian Messenlehner, Jason Coleman: 9781449364076: Books

WordPress as an Application Framework

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Table of Contents

Below is the list of chapters and sub sections covered in Building Web Apps with WordPress. Preface 1. Building Web Apps with WordPress What Is a Website? What Is an App? What Is a Web App? Why Use…

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New Plugin Adds Less CSS Preprocessor to WordPress Themes

Many WordPress developers opt to use the Less CSS preprocessor to speed up theme development. Its availability of variables, mixins, and functions allows you to do more with CSS and to do it more efficiently. It also makes it easy to compile and minify files for production use.

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From ThemeForest to Array, the story of a theme business

Mike McAlister has been an active member of the commercial WordPress theme space since 2009. He started by selling themes on ThemeForest. He transitioned to the Okay Themes brand in December of 2011. And at the end of March of this year, Mike transitioned yet again to Array.

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Display Before and After Images In WordPress With The TwentyTwenty Plugin

Have you ever wanted to combine two images to show a before and after? You can’t do that with WordPress out of the box but it’s possible if you use the TwentyTwenty plugin by Corey Martin. The plugin takes advantage of the clip property within CSS by stacking two identical sized images on top of each other.

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WordPress Customer Service

WordPress customer service. What does that sentence really mean? I ran across that phrase when doing some keyword research and having been in the WordPress community since 2004, those words seem to be rarely defined and understood, even by those people offering “WordPress customer support”.

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