Contributor Day Survey – Will you join us?

As part of my duties helping out with WordCamp DFW, I’ve taken up the challenge of organizing and running the accompanying Contributor Day! Contributor Day would be on Sunday, October 5th, 2014 from noon to 6pm. Everyone is welcome to come and join us, whether you’re able to make it to WordCamp or not!

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The damage of examples

These are lies we tell: “This is just an example.” “This is a demo, not for use as production code.” No, it’s not. You’re wrong. It may not be code you, the author, would use in production. But as soon as you published it, the likelihood that it will become production code in somebody else’s project skyrockets.

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Let’s Tilt The Pods Framework Conference!

For those of you who aren’t familiar, the Pods Framework, it’s a relatively simple concept that introduces some really neat, advanced features into WordPress. Straight from the website: The goal was to create an interface and PHP codebase to easily create, extend, and manage content types within WordPress.

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Think Your App Is Beautiful? Not Without User Experience Design – Smashing Magazine

Lately, every app is “beautiful”. If you read tech news, you’ve seen this pageant: Beautiful charts and graphs. Beautiful stories. Beautiful texting. Beautiful notebooks. Beautiful battery information. Aspiring to beauty in our designs is admirable. But it doesn’t guarantee usability, nor is it a product or marketing strategy.

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Konstant Change

When I joined Automattic almost two years ago, it was my first opportunity to work with WordPress full time. Up until I joined, WordPress was only a hobby, though I did some client projects and administered a multisite network at the company I worked for during college.

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