WordPress 3.9 Adds 30 New Dashicons

Dashicons are what’s known as an icon font and were added to the core of WordPress with the release of 3.8. The icons are vector based so they can be as large or small as you want without losing quality. Plugin authors can use CSS, HTML, or a Glyph for use within Photoshop to display an icon.

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New web profiles are here. | About

Your Twitter profile shows the world who you are – moment by moment. New web profiles make it even easier to be yourself. Want the new look?

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Remember the Media Grid project It was original…

Remember the Media Grid project? It was original proposed back in the 3.7/3.8 cycle but never really took off – mainly due to our focus on The-Project-Formerly-Known-As-MP6 and the Widget team. Since then, I’ve been working on a plugin in some spare time: http://wordpress.org/plugins/media-grid/ Its messy. Its basic.

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Schedule photos in bulk with Postbot, but why stop there?

Automattic has released an interesting new tool, called Postbot. Postbot is a webapp, at Postbot.co, which allows WordPress.com authenticated users to upload photos in bulk and schedule them as posts. There is, of course, a fun little gif. Once I used the WordPress.com connect tool, it instantly let me choose which WordPress.com or Jetpack connected blog I wanted to schedule posts on.

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Automattic Introduces Postbot App for Scheduling Photo Posts

Today Automattic introduced Postbot, a new stand-alone application for scheduling image posts. The new app allows users to upload multiple images and schedule them out over several days. Postbot creates a post for each image and automatically posts them to the selected blog, saving users the trouble of manually scheduling each one.

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Brian Williams Addresses His Rapping — Part 1

NBC Night News managing editor and anchor Brian Williams talks to Jimmy about life after the world discovered his rapping abilities.

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