Google Analytics Premium * Yoast

We’ve just released the first version of our Google Analytics Premium plugin! It contains custom dimension tracking, which allows you to track pageviews per author, per category, per post type and more and of course, comes with our first-class support. You can read a bit about what the plugin does below or buy it right now.

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Tim Cook Speaks Up

Opening Remarks Photograph by Ashley Gilbertson for Bloomberg Businessweek Throughout my professional life, I’ve tried to maintain a basic level of privacy. I come from humble roots, and I don’t seek to draw attention to myself.

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How to Replace ‘Enter title here’ Text in WordPress

Last updated on by Editorial Staff WordPress displays ‘Enter title here’ placeholder text in the title field when you create a new post. Recently one of our users asked if they can replace it with their own placeholder text. This is particularly useful when you are using custom post types or creating a custom CMS for clients.

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Top Multilingual Countries and their Legal Requirement for Online Publishing

Hi everyone. On Monday, I volunteered at the WordPress Community Summit to do some research on the “top multilingual countries”, and their respective legal requirements when it comes to publishing content in multiple languages.

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MIT Media Lab Gets a Transforming Logo, Courtesy of Pentagram | WIRED

If you make your way over to the MIT Media Lab website, you’ll notice a subtle difference in the top lefthand corner of the page. For the last three years, the space was occupied by a logo that looked like three spotlights projecting multi-colored beams into the unknown distance.

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Power Supply Hostage

Made me smile…

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2014-Oct-09 – Indicators of Compromised Behavior (IOCd-B) – Daniel Cid v2014

You can not predict or control how an attacker will behave. You can not predict what tools or techniques he will use. You can’t even imagine what malware or 0-day he has in his arsenal. Relying on known malicious behavior is the biggest weakness with signature-based intrusion detection systems. Once the malicious behavior changes, your detection fails.

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