Community Summit: Topic Discussions

Overview | Attendees | Sign-up Request | Topic Discussion Use this forum to suggest topics for the unconference discussion topics at the Community Summit on Monday, October 27. Suggesting a topic does not guarantee inclusion on the schedule, so if you know others interested in the same topic ask them to stop by the forum thread and give it a +1 or add their thoughts.

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Do You Want to Speak at LoopConf? – LoopConf

Speaking at the first ever LoopConf is an amazing privilege. We’re excited that you’re interested in speaking at what is sure to be an amazing event. Before you dive right in and fill out the application, we figured you should probably know a few details about our event, like what’s expected of our speakers, and what kind of awesome perks …

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Episode 063: Make Hay While The Sun Shines – The DradCast

From her humble beginnings of selling candy, Carrie Dils perfected the ability to know what you want before you’ve even thought about it, and she does it well. Weilding the incredible power of coopetition, she weaves her web seamlessly with everyone on the planet, tying you into the incredible WordPress ecosystem and making it beautiful …

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Visualised: how Ebola compares to other infectious diseases

With Ebola panic spreading, we thought it might be timely to visualise the data on the infectiousness of various pathogens. To give a universal metric for infectiousness, we’ve used the average ‘basic reproduction number’ (also ratio or rate). It’s a statistical measure of how likely and widespread an infectious disease outbreak might be – if nothing is done to control the situation.

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Highly Critical SQL Injection Vulnerability Patched in Drupal Core

By on . The Drupal team just released a security update for Drupal 7.x to address a highly critical SQL injection vulnerability. This bug can be exploited remotely by non-authenticated users and was classified as “Highly Critical” by the Drupal Security team.

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Twenty Fifteen Officially Added to The Development Version of WordPress

The default theme slated to ship with WordPress 4.1 dubbed ” Twenty Fifteen” has officially been added to the development version of WordPress. In sharp contrast to Twenty Fourteen, Twenty Fifteen is a simple, two column, blog focused theme. The typography features Google’s Noto Serif and Sans, a font family designed to be visually harmonious across many of the worlds languages.

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