Taking a Look at Current Responsive Navigation Trends – Market Blog

Responsive web design(RWD) has been a topic for many years now. It’s certainly nothing new, but like many previous trends, responsive design has taken time to crescendo into mainstream popularity. Today I’d like to discuss some recent trends in responsive navigation and how they could tie into your next web project.

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How to Find All Posts Using a Specific File Attachment In WordPress

In a previous article, I mentioned how WordPress doesn’t provide information to locate posts where an attachment is in use. Comments to the article indicate others are interested in having this information as well. Find Posts Using Attachment created by Sergey Biryukov, is an easy to use plugin that solves this problem.

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Low Severity Security Fix Shipped in iThemes Security Plugins – iThemes

As part of an external audit by our friends and website security professionals at Sucuri, we implemented a Low Severity Security Fix for a bug found in iThemes Security. Sucuri disclosed the minor bug to us on Aug. 19 and it was promptly and properly fixed and tested on the same day, with the fix being shipped today for you.

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Turning around GoDaddy – the company we love to hate

Eight and a half years ago, I joined a company called Emphasys Software. I’d been invited to step into a leadership role to help it build better software faster. At the time there had been several products that were intended to be sold back to existing customers – products that had been promised to customers but hadn’t been delivered.

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On Sexual Harassment in the Tech Industry

Yesterday, Valleywag published an article about an email that was sent to New York-based Gesche Haas by Pavel Curda, an investor and mentor on the European startup scene. Haas has published a blog post and an Evernote document with screenshots of the email that Pavel Curda sent her after he met her at an event in Berlin: Yeah, not pretty.

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Iceland grieves after police kill a man for the first time in its history

It was an unprecedented headline in Iceland this week – a man shot to death by police. “The nation was in shock. This does not happen in our country,” said Thora Arnorsdottir, news editor at RUV, the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service. She was referring to a 59-year old man who was shot by police on Monday.

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CTV’s Tom Walters among journalists arrested in Ferguson

CTV’s Los Angeles Bureau Chief Tom Walters was among several journalists arrested Tuesday night in Ferguson, Missouri. Walters was detained after trying to ask a question of Capt. Ron Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol. Walters’s arrest was captured on video camera by CTV News cameraman Liam Hyland.

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