Hm: Hillary was warned on over private e-mail use, security?

Several have wondered, surely there was someone in the Clinton orbit who said, “Hey, maybe it’s not the greatest idea ever for you to ignore federal records acts, never get a government e-mail, and so obviously hide everything you do during your tenure at the State Department.”

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February 2015 Stats Roundup

February was another slow spam month for Akismet. We didn’t even hit 200 million comments on any day this month. You can see the daily breakdown of the spam and ham comments Akismet caught in the graph below: The total number of spam messages caught this month was 4,090,182,500.

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Jason Schuller’s Pickle Theme Re-Imagines WordPress as an Invisible CMS

Last week Jason Schuller launched his Pickle WordPress theme on and the product is now available on Creative Market. Pickle is a restaurant theme that is packaged with a custom admin design to provide a seamless content-editing experience.

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WordCamp Philly

Just another WordCamp

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PodsCast #001: Find’ing Your Way with Pods:Find()

The find method of the Pods class, is Pods’ version of WP_Query. It’s at the heart of almost everything you do with Pods. In the first episode of the PodsCast, we will be discussing how it works, how to use it and how to read the big green chart on its docs page.

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Quantity Queries for CSS

In responsive design, we think a lot about space, especially in the context of screen sizes. But the amount of content or the number of elements is bound to affect space, too, just as unpredictably-and if we don’t want our designs to dictate our content, we need new ways to make our design aware of changing content quantities.

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