Hiring Your First Employee: A Step By Step Guide | iThemes

In this ebook, Cory Miller, iThemes founder & CEO, shares his experiences, thoughts and ideas about hiring your first employee.

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WordPress 3.9 Has Built-in Support for Pasting from Microsoft Word

A common support question that’s been popping up on the web after WordPress users update to 3.9: What happened to the “Paste from Word” button in the visual editor? If you find that the button is missing, don’t worry – it’s not a bug.

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Object-Oriented Programming in WordPress: Functions and Attributes

As we continue our discussion of object-oriented programming within the context of WordPress, it’s time for us to begin talking about actual features of object-oriented programming. Though we’ve already covered classes, we needed to explore some foundational programming constructs before coming back around to some of the core object-oriented concepts.

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How to Change Author URL Slug and Base in WordPress

Last updated on by Editorial Staff WordPress comes with built-in support for SEO friendly URL structure, also known as pretty permalinks. This feature allows you to choose URLs for your posts, pages, and categories by editing their slugs. However, WordPress does not allow you to choose a slug for author pages.

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The Heartbleed Bug Is Mostly Fixed, but Not Entirely

If you’ve been worried about the dreaded Heartbleed vulnerability that shook the foundations of the Internet last week, you can start to breathe a little easier. But not completely.

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Meet Glenn Ansley, WordPress Expert

Glenn will be presenting during the eCommerce for Developers session, which you can watch LIVE on April 19. During his presentation, Glenn will walk us through the best way to develop add-ons for iThemes Exchange. Check out his interview answers below. Where can we find you on the internet?

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