How To Keep Track Of Upcoming WordCamps

It seems like there is a WordCamp or two happening every weekend. With so many, it’s tough to keep track unless you routinely browse the schedule on WordCamp Central. However, I’ve discovered a few other ways to monitor upcoming WordCamps. In late 2013, WordCamp central added RSS feeds that notify subscribers when an event is added to the schedule.

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iThemes Working Fast To Fix Users Upgrade Woes

Last week, we reported the Better WordPress Security plugin would be renamed to iThemes Security. We also shared important details to prepare users for the upgrade. Because of the name change, users needed to re-enable the plugin or risk seeing errors. Despite the beta testing period, the upgrade process hasn’t gone smoothly for some users.

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Pressgram 2.0 Removes Social Layer to Focus on Publishing

PressGram, the WordPress-powered photo sharing app, has significantly evolved since its launch. The app broke onto the scene last year, positioned as a game-changing challenger to the increasingly unpopular policies of Facebook and Instagram. After supporting the native social networking aspect for several months, John Saddington, the app’s creator, found that most users were not looking to get signed up to yet another social network.

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Благодаря Google+ общаться в Интернете стало почти так же просто, как в реальном мире. Попробуйте некоторые из наших новых сервисов: Круги, Мероприятия и Hangouts.

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Wikipedia To Redesign Across More Than 32 Million Pages

Next Thursday, Wikipedia will launch a redesign that’s almost impossibly large in scope, scaling across 32,533,899 pages in 287 languages. But admittedly, it’ll take a sharp eye to notice that font size is larger, or that the section headers will render in authoritative, old media serif (think Georgia) while body copy will render in streamlined sans-serif (think Helvetica).

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Yes, Apple is taking 30% of every Office 365 subscription purchased through Office for iPad

When Microsoft announced its Office for iPad apps earlier today, it confirmed that the software will require a subscription to Microsoft’s $99/year Office 365 service for most functions. If you don’t have one already, you can get a subscription directly through the Office apps for the regular price of $99.

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WordCamp Miami to Host Free WordPress Beginners Workshop for Kids

WordCamp Miami is nearly sold out with an estimated 700 WordPress fans to be in attendance. The event is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year and the organization team has announced its first WordPress beginner’s workshop for kids. Tammie Lister and I will be leading the workshop, which will introduce kids and their parents to publishing with WordPress.

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The Dangers Of Using WordPress Plugins From Untrusted Sources

The folks over at Sucuri have reminded us once again why it’s important to only download plugins from trusted sources. In a disturbing post published on the Sucuri blog, Denis Sinegubko highlights the dangers of using plugins from untrusted sources. In this post, we’ll talk about “patched” malicious premium plugins.

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NBCUniversal-Owned DailyCandy and Television Without Pity Will Be Shut Down

DailyCandy and Television Without Pity, two high-profile Internet content properties owned by NBCUniversal, are being shuttered, a move that management told staff this morning would be occurring next week. Local recommendations site DailyCandy had been purchased by the Comcast media unit in 2008 for $125 million from the New York-based Pilot Group.

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Dad Adds Special Effects To Videos of His 3-Year-Old Son Turning Him Into an ‘Action Movie Kid’

by at on An awesome dad has been adding special effects to videos of his 3-year-old son turning him into an “Action Movie Kid”. You can watch the full series of videos on their YouTube channel. via For animated GIFs, Daily Picks and Flicks And now a word from our sponsors…

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Smashing Mystery Riddle: Have You Figured It Out Yet?

By now, you might actually know how it works. The good ol’ Smashing Mysteries: the door that would never open and the rain that would never stop. Well, the Mystery continues! To celebrate the launch of Paul Boag’s Digital Adaptation book, we’ve prepared a new riddle, and this time it’s a bit different and a bit easier.

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A Doggone Mess: Overturned Truck Spills Thousands of Corn Dogs

Snacktastrophe struck early Tuesday morning when a truck carrying corn dogs hit a guardrail, and flipped over in Louisiana. Almost all of the truck’s corny contents spilled across the roadway, causing a major shutdown for motorists. According to local news KTBS, officials estimate about 75,000 corn dogs spilled on the road.

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