Kids Whose Time Is Less Structured Are Better Able To Meet Their Own Goals, Study Says – Children & Nature Network (C&NN)

Children who spend more time in less structured activities-from playing outside to reading books to visiting the zoo-are better able to set their own goals and take actions to meet those goals without prodding from adults, according to a new study by the University of Colorado Boulder. …

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Google Launches First Android Wear Devices, Featuring Always-On Displays and Card-Based Interface

At today’s Google I/O event in San Francisco, Google demoed its Android Wear platform and announced availability of the first Android Wear devices. First announced in March, Android Wear is designed to bring the Android platform to a range of wearable devices from several of Google’s manufacturing partners.

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WordPress Security Alert: New Zero-Day Vulnerability Discovered in TimThumb Script

Security vulnerabilities have plagued the TimThumb script for years. It is most commonly used in cropping, zooming and resizing images in WordPress themes. After the large scale attacks launched against the script a few years ago, one might think that theme and plugin developers would be less likely to continue building with it.

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Why Choose WordPress CMS to Build Websites: A Government Perspective VIP Director of Platform Services, Peter Slutsky, presented to the DigitalGov University about using WordPress CMS to build government websites, along with Dan Munz, from the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, last year. DigitalGov is brought to you by the Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies in the U.S.

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Create a news app with AppPresser

Create a content based mobile app with WordPress that displays posts, pages or other static content such as news. Publish your app to the iOS and Android app stores using AppPresser Display posts shortcode plugin: Gist mentioned in the video:

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SPAM Hack Targets WordPress Core Install Directories

Do you run your website on WordPress? Have you checked the integrity of your core install lately for SPAM like “Google Pharmacy” stores or other fake stores? We have been tracking and analyzing a growing trend in SEO Spam (a.k.a., Search Engine Poisoning (SEP)) attacks in which thousands of compromised WordPress websites are being used to hide fake stores and spam doorways.

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How to hook in and modify the new revisions UI (3.6+)?

Take the 2-minute tour × WordPress Development Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for WordPress developers and administrators. It’s 100% free, no registration required. Let’s say I want to add some post_meta into the “new” revisions UI. I’m saving some meta on revisions only, and want to display it on this screen.

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Editorially joins Vox Media

Illustration by Tuesday Bassen At key points in our tour together, the Editorially founders have gathered for a meal. We shared oysters and lobster rolls when we first came together as a team; pasta, bread, and wine when we closed on funding; sticky chicken wings and Thai noodles when our far-flung colleagues joined us in New York; burgers and Manhattans when we shared the news of the shutdown with the world.

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