9 Useful Google Chrome Extensions for WordPress

Last updated on by Editorial Staff Google chrome is the most widely used web browser in the world. Apart from speed, the other most likable feature is the extensions. Chrome Extensions add extra functionality to your browser to make it interact with other apps including WordPress.

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WordPress Multisite Tip: Add a Search Bar to the “My Sites” Menu

If you’re managing a multisite network where you’ve created a long list of sites, the “My Sites” menu in the admin bar can get so lengthy that it becomes difficult to navigate. 10up engineer Kailey Lampert designed an elegant solution to this problem. The My Sites Search plugin does exactly what it says on the label.

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Powell Shooting (Cell Phone Camera)

Uploaded by kwmu on 2014-08-20.

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A Powerful Video Every Ice Bucket Challenge Hater Needs to See

Anthony Carbajal was diagnosed with ALS at age 26, and he has a tearful message for all the Ice Bucket Challenge critics. So before you complain about your Facebook Newsfeed being overrun by friends and family dumping icy water on their heads, take a few minutes to hear Anthony’s story.

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Updates to VaultPress Result In 25%-90% Faster Restore Builds

VaultPress has announced that a recent update to their backup systems have reduced the time required to build restore files by anywhere from 25%-90%. Before the change, VaultPress stored each SQL row in a separate file in its replicated file system which slowed down restore times.

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WordPress in New Jersey

I’ve been a member of the WordPress Meetup group in New Jersey for a while and am working with Brian at Web Dev Studios (organizer for the meetup) to eventually do a WordCamp.

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