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Find Mark Williams. 97 likes. Mark Williams: Missing near Texarkana, Texas since November 29, 2014

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Student battered to death for helping women

Tugce Albayrak, 22, intervened when she heard the women screaming for help in a restaurant toilet in the city of Offenbach on 15 November. But later, in the car park, she was brutally attacked with a bat by one of the men and left with critical head injuries, the Suddeutsche Zeitung reported.

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Watch Dogs | CSS-Tricks

It’s Blue Beanie Day! A day celebrating and showing support for web standards. I’m a little biased perhaps, since it’s my field, but I believe the web is among the most important things human beings have ever done.

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More Mobile, Savvy SEO, and Crowd Favorite Australia

Crowd Favorite currently delivers professional services in design and engineering to Fortune 500 companies, often connecting their existing back office systems with web-facing applications. Today Crowd Favorite is happy to announce several partnerships that will expand our suite of services for Enterprise clients.

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Putin’s World: Why Russia’s Showdown with the West Will Worsen

I grew up hating America. I lived in the Soviet Union and was a child of the cold war. That hate went away in 1989, though, when the Berlin Wall fell and the cold war ended. By the time I left Russia in 1991, the year the Soviet Union collapsed, America was a country that Russians looked up to and wanted to emulate.

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