Maryland Governor Will Commute All Remaining Death Sentences To Life Without Parole

by Posted on ” Maryland Governor Will Commute All Remaining Death Sentences To Life Without Parole” Share: CREDIT: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) will commute all remaining death sentences for those in the state’s prison system to life without parole, he announced Wednesday.

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Donate to GnuPG

With the news that PGP is one of the things that is still tough for the NSA, now is a great time to donate to GnuPG, which I just did.

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Apple sued for making the iOS 8 update too big

Remember the collective Internet freakout over the massive iOS 8 download? Well, now that freakout has taken the form of a lawsuit. Specifically, a class action suit filed in the United States District Court in San Francisco Tuesday, which claims Apple misled users about the size of the iOS 8 update.

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How to Preview Posts in Distraction-free Writing Mode Without Seeing a Transition

In order to see the post meta boxes using Distraction-free Writing Mode in WordPress 4.1, you have to move the cursor away from the post editor. During the editing process, you may need to preview a post several times.

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Marriott petition to the FCC to block personal Wi-Fi meets big resistance

In a move that could save travelers a lot of money on Internet access, Marriott will offer free basic Wi-Fi to guests who are enrolled in its rewards program, and who book directly through the company, beginning Jan. 15. But wait – that’s not all.

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Benchmarks Indicate Jetpack Doesn’t Negatively Impact Site Loading Times

Jetpack is a WordPress plugin maintained by Automattic and has over 30 different modules. The modules provide a variety of features including, contact forms, stats, and related posts. Among the various reputations that Jetpack has is that it’s bloated and increases the time it takes to load a site.

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