What to Consider When Creating a Multilingual Site

Multilingual websites are becoming more and more common these days as WordPress becomes increasing popular and even more powerful with an enormous community. When starting out a multilingual site, there are a number of things to consider and some important elements to keep in mind from the very early stages of the project.

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Taking the blog post challenge

When experts talk about creating successful content-driven and highly trafficked websites, they stress the importance of regularly creating content. It’s something that’s difficult to do with a heavy travel schedule and work / social engagements. Recently Dre Armeda from Web Dev Studios mentioned a blog post challenge that Brad Williams is doing, and noted the difficulty of keeping up with a consistent post schedule.

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Jobs – Lead Engineer

The Wirecutter is looking for a lead engineer that will help guide, implement, and scale our existing technology as well as build a new generation of applications and infrastructure. We’re not trying to become a tech company for the sake of it; we just know that to better help people quickly and easily figure out the best things to buy, we need to have some great technology in place.

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wp_kses Performance

How performant are the wp_kses family of functions in WordPress? Folk wisdom and common sense suggest that they are slow. It seems that as long as I have been involved in the WordPress community, I have heard that the wp_kses functions should not be used when handling output printed to the screen, with the primary reason being that they are not performant.

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#835 (Update text for letter to Host with better text) – Making WordPress.org

Any ideas on how to improve this, and get people asking their hosts about more recent versions than this? To put this into perspective for folks from the US, the current letter essentially asks a host if they have any servers (or server images) that haven’t been updated since Bush was in office in 2007.

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How To Consistently Sit Next To An Empty Seat On A Plane – One Mile at a Time

Travis is my first new contributor to the blog, who will be writing a post every Wednesday to start. The idea behind adding guest contributors is to add different perspectives to the blog. Travis has a unique approach towards travel, given that he travels almost exclusively with his wife and young children, which is in stark contrast to my travels, which are usually alone.

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Root Cause Analysis of Outage for Week of January 19, 2015 – Pressable WordPress Hosting

The following is a root cause analysis and postmortem for the outage experienced during the week of January 19th, 2015 at Pressable. Root Cause Analysis. What caused this outage? Ultimately, the reason for this outage was a well crafted attack on our systems. The attack was a variant of the “slowloris” attack discovered in 2009.

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The Best Wi-Fi Router (for Most People)

It took months of research and in-depth testing to find our new best Wi-Fi router. The Netgear R6250 has the best balance of speed, price, stability, and features compared to the competition. If you own very new devices, it could transfer data up to 3x faster than your existing router, but depending on what you own now, you may want to wait to upgrade.

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Severe “Ghost” flaw leaves Linux systems vulnerable to takeover

A serious vulnerability in a key Linux library could let attackers take complete control of systems, such as servers, that are based on the open-source operating system. Those running Linux systems are advised to download a patch for their distribution immediately. Qualys researchers discovered the “Ghost” vulnerability – named for the fact that it can…

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Detecting a Large Multisite Network in WordPress – Brad Williams Blog

If you have ever worked on a very large Multisite network in WordPress, you probably understand the challenges of working with large sets of data. WordPress contains a function to help you detect a large network, wp_is_large_network() . This function accepts a single parameter $using, which sets whether to count users or sites.

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