I’m Graduating High School and I Want to Be a Journalist but Everyone Says I’m Nuts!

The Concessionist gives advice like… once a month maybe? Whatever. I’m busy. Trouble? Write today . Hello, For a long while now, I’ve thought I wanted to major in journalism. It’s been something I could see as a passion, or a career. But lately, when I’ve been in bed late at night, I worry.

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WordCamp Brisbane 2015 – kristarella.com

Contents 15 Cool Things You (maybe) Didn’t Know WordPress Can Do Hide/Rearrange Dashboard Widgets Get Help Sort & reorder pages Bulk Edit Posts & Pages Embed Media Emoji! Drag & Drop Media Edit Images Insert Multiple Images Change (Edit) Media Selection Galleries Custom Links in Menus Menu Options Theme Previews Widget Previews 15 Cool Things …

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Beginner’s Guide: How to Restore WordPress from Backup

Even on the Internet, bad things can happen to good people. This is why we keep reminding you to back up your websites. We have written about different methods to backup WordPress such as: manual backup, BackupBuddy, BackWPup, and VaultPress. Now that you have a WordPress backup, you need to know how to use it in case of emergencies.

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Google ATAP’s Radar-Based Gesture Technology “Project Soli” Brings Minority Report Fantasies One Step Closer To Reality

Before you read this article, do me a favor: watch the video below. Because it’s going to explain what Google is doing here much better than I could hope to. Got it? Good. Pretty amazing, right? For those of you who can’t or don’t want to watch it, fine, I guess that’s what writers are for or whatever!

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Miniature Origami Robot Self-folds, Walks, Swims, and Degrades

“An Untethered Miniature Origami Robot that Self-folds, Walks, Swims, and Degrades,” by Shuhei Miyashita, Steven Guitron, Marvin Ludersdorfer, Cynthia R. Sung, and Daniela Rus from MIT and TU Munich, was presented at ICRA 2015 in Seattle. Read more: http://spectrum.ieee.org/automaton/robotics/robotics-hardware/origami-robot-folds-itself-up-does-cool-stuff-dissolves-into-nothing

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Hide Profile Field Groups in BuddyPress – Tanner Moushey

This is a quick introduction to a new plugin I just released on WordPress called BuddyPress Conditional Field Groups. This plugin enables site administrators to show/hide BuddyPress profile field groups to users based on user role. The intended application is for sites with a diverse user base that may want to collect and display different sets …

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Watch This Terrifying Cheetah Robot Jump Over Hurdles | WIRED

When you combine robots and cheetahs with military funding, you’re bound to end up with something incredible. Robotics engineers from MIT have spent over five years developing a battery-powered quadruped robot capable of running as fast as a human being. And now they’ve trained that robot to jump over hurdles-autonomously.

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Fight for the Future Leads Congress Blackout Campaign to Protest the Patriot Act

Three key provisions within the Patriot Act will expire at the stroke of midnight on Sunday. The Senate needs 60 votes in order to provide an extension or renew the provisions past June 1st. Section 215 of the measure is particularly controversial in that it allows the National Security Agency (NSA) to collect data from Americans’ phone records.

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From the Hardy Boys to Nancy Drew: The Secret Ghostwriters of Children’s Fiction

Entertainment Along with the Nancy Drew series, almost all of the thrillers in the popular teenage franchise were produced by ghostwriters, thanks to a business model that proved to be prescient. In the opening pages of a recent installment of the children’s book series The Hardy Boys, black smoke drifts though the ruined suburb of Bayport.

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A Practical Guide to Being Search Engine Friendly

There are hundreds of guides out there on the topic of search engine optimization. From beginner’s guides that aim to get you started from scratch to more advanced guides that talk about complicated-sounding topics like .htaccess files and server log analysis, they all promise to educate you on SEO so you can rank better and sell more.

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o2 Development Team Shifts Focus to WordPress.com’s Core Products

Since writing about o2, Automattic’s successor to the P2 theme in 2013, a number of readers have requested updates on the project’s status. When asked about the project in a recent interview, Matt Mullenweg explained that despite loving the project and truly believing in it, work on o2 has shifted to other parts of WordPress.com to focus on the service’s core products.

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#WCMIA Livestream

We are excited to have the ability to live-stream are tracks this year at WordCamp Miami. Follow the information below to view the live-stream: Links may change after lunch so please check back. Friday BuddyCamp Miami: http://livestream.com/accounts/13701773/events/4081950 Saturday How-To (SIPA 125): Morning: http://livestream.com/accounts/13701773/events/4076720 Afternoon: http://livestream.com/accounts/13701773/events/4080950 Content & Design (RDB 1100): Morning: http://livestream.com/accounts/13701811/events/4081226 Afternoon: http://livestream.com/accounts/13701811/events/4081228 Developer – Sat.

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We’re Sold Out! See Everyone Tomorrow!

Howdy WordCampers! We’re ecstatic to announce that WordCamp Brisbane is sold out! We’ve had amazing support from the local communities these past few weeks, and we’ve had far more last minute tickets than we ever anticipated. WordCamp Brisbane is on tomorrow! Registration opens at 8.30am sharp. Please bring a water bottle if possible.

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Nametiles Plugin Brings Blockchain-Powered Profiles to WordPress

Openname, the decentralized identity and naming system built on the blockchain, was recently renamed to Blockchain Name System (BNS). Founders Muneeb Ali and Ryan Shea are pioneering decentralized identity with the long-term goal of creating decentralized authentication. Earlier this month, BNS debuted Passcard, a digital form of identity and access control combined.

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