Review: Halt and Catch Fire adds sizzle to PC history

Tech history is hot. From the origins of Facebook to Steve Jobs biopics, mainstream media is enthusiastically examining the origins of the computers and tech celebrities who revolutionized the world. AMC is hoping to capitalize on that trend with its series Halt and Catch Fire , now midway through its first season.

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I’m Graduating High School and I Want to Be a Journalist but Everyone Says I’m Nuts!

The Concessionist gives advice like… once a month maybe? Whatever. I’m busy. Trouble? Write today . Hello, For a long while now, I’ve thought I wanted to major in journalism. It’s been something I could see as a passion, or a career. But lately, when I’ve been in bed late at night, I worry.

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Pig escapes, terrorizes entire town, craps in cop car

Police in Shelby Township, Michigan had an interesting encounter with a pig who escaped from its owner, ran around town for a while, then ended up in the back of a cop car pooping all over the place. “You would never believe it,” Deputy Chief Mark Coil told WWJ’s Pat Vitale.

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Aaron Campbell @ithemes taking about building your reputation

“Aaron Campbell @ithemes taking about building your reputation”

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WordCamp Brisbane 2015 –

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