Sucuri is Building a Comprehensive Alternative to CloudFlare

Sucuri launched a new free performance tool today. The Global Website Performance Tester allows anyone to enter a URL and get a quick assessment of how fast the website is loading from 13 globally distributed testing stations. Results include three key metrics: connection time, time to first byte (TTFB) and total load time.

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WordCamp Orange County Plugin-a-Palooza – WDS

This year, WordCamp Orange County (coming up on June 6th and 7th) is doing something a little different. Plugin-a-Palooza a plugin-building hackathon/competition that they first announced back in February. The rules are pretty simple: pitch a plugin idea, get it approved, write a plugin, submit it by a specific time, make sure it’s GPL, and then talk about it.


Thinking of using Stripe for your startup? Think again. | Ultimate Member

When we first started our business in March, we had to carefully consider what payment processors we would use to process payments for our extensions. After doing some research on various processors we opted to go with Stripe. It had fair pricing and was recommended by several people as being easy to use so seemed like a no brainer.

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Fast Page Switch Adds a Quick Way to Switch Between Pages in the WordPress Backend

If you find yourself editing pages often and want a quick way to switch between them without visiting the All Pages screen first, try the Fast Page Switch plugin by Marc Wiest. Fast Page Switch adds a metabox with a drop down menu to the Page editing screen that allows you to quickly switch to a different page.

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WPWeekly Episode 194 – Celebrating WordPress’ 12th Birthday with Matt Mullenweg

In this birthday celebration episode of WordPress Weekly, Marcus Couch and I are joined by Automattic CEO, Matt Mullenweg. We covered a lot of ground with Mullenweg discussing the following topics: Update on O2 the successor to the P2 theme Memorable moments of the last 12 years Update on the WordPress history book Status of WordCamp USA The WooThemes/WooCommerce acquisition Hype surrounding the WP REST API The WordPress Mobile App We talked about a number of other topics as well.

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WordPress Themes In Depth

WordPress Themes In Depth dives deep into WordPress theme development with over 450 pages of practical theme-building techniques, tricks, and tips. WordPress theme development brings together many aspects of web design and development. WordPress themes tap into the power of WordPress, enabling developers to build with proven features and advanced functionality.

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WordPress Theme Review Team is Cracking Down on Violations of the Presentation vs. Functionality Guideline

During this week’s Theme Review Team meeting Chip Bennett opened the floor to discuss the “grey areas” of presentation vs. functionality distinctions in themes. The hotly debated topic concerns what is permissible in terms of “content creation” for themes that are hosted in the official directory.

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Lorna Jane Mitchell: Get Ready for PHP 5.4+

With new PHP versions being released more often it’s clear that things are changing rapidly. This session is all about the changes introduced in recent versions of PHP, and what that means for PHP projects everywhere – including yours. There will be practical examples of the shiny new features, advice on finding hosting and safely…


Replace the BuddyPress Mystery Man with Unique, Colorful Identicons

Nothing makes a BuddyPress site seem more active or more colorful than when members upload their own unique avatars. Unfortunately, not all users have the motivation to follow through with adding a profile picture. You could use a plugin to add avatar upload to registration, or even force BuddyPress users to upload a profile photo before accessing other pages.

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Is there a single WordPress community, or a single Drupal community? | Open Parenthesis

Two recent posts got me thinking about the Drupal community and the WordPress community. First, Mendel Kurland (whom I’ve been seeing at every WordCamp lately from London to Maine to Minneapolis) wrote on WP Tavern about “A WordPress Veteran’s Take on DrupalCon LA”: As I flew from DrupalCon Los Angeles, CA to WordCamp Maine, I thought a lot about what the Drupal and WordPress communities could learn from each other.

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