WPWeekly Episode 201 – Interview With Paul Gibbs and John James Jacoby

In this episode of WordPress Weekly, Marcus Couch and I are joined by Paul Gibbs and John James Jacoby. Jacoby shares what he learned and accomplished working on bbPress and BuddyPress full-time for six months. Gibbs explains his motivation to organize the first ever BuddyCamp Brighton, UK, that takes place on August 8th.

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8 Questions with Pippin Williamson from PippinsPlugins

In this week’s edition of 8 Questions, Pagely was fortunate enough to interview one of the most talented WordPress plugin developers around, Pippin Williamson. For those of you unfamiliar with Pippin, where have you been? Pippin is best known as the founder of Pippins Plugins, but he can reel off a huge list of well-respected plugins.

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First, Best & Wish You Knew: Andrew Norcross | iThemes

WordPress developer Andrew Norcross is the founder of Reaktiv Studios and a major WordPress fan. He’s a conference regular, shares free plugins and contributes to the WordPress core. And he sports a WordPress tattoo. We get quick business advice for freelancers from Andrew in our ongoing series, “First, Best & Wish You Knew.”

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This Week in Genesis (31 July 2015) – GenesisWP.guide

With barely any time to catch breath from Genesis Camp, This Week in Genesis #13 rolls around with another bumper update (the credit of course all to you, the hard working and talented Genesis community). This week sees Genesis 2.2 agonisingly close to arrival (with some fantastic accessibility improvements), new themes from some of your favourite authors, plus a lot of goings on with Rainmaker.

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El Niño contributing to ‘monsoon on steroids’ behind Southland’s humid weather

Yes, it’s hot, but the real story is the humidity. California is experiencing a particularly muggy, sticky summer, and some experts say rising ocean temperatures are at least partly to blame. Record-high sea temperatures off the Mexican and Central American coast are supercharging moist air moving from Mexico into California, some scientists say, dousing us with weather that seems more like Houston than Hollywood.

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Open Source is the new Sacred Geometry

Wait… what’s Sacred Geometry? This is not an article about religion. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0NTWNexrBQ My favorite definition of Sacred Geometry by Randall Carlson Essentially, in the universe, we can see most everything is constructed from the same mathematical principles and patterns. From atoms that form together to create human cells, snowflakes, honeybee nests (hexagon), and the nautilus shell…

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WordPress 4.2.4 Release Candidate 1

tl;dr WordPress 4.2.4 RC1 is available (download) for testing and fixes an issue with inline scripts. A change in WordPress 4.2.3 had the unintentional side effect of breaking some inline scripts when the CDATA block is used (see #33106). For example, consider the intended content here: // In 4.2.2, this content is left as is and _my_function() fires as expected.

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get_transient() is now more strict in 4.3

WordPress 4.3 includes a change to get_transient(). As reported in #23881 and #30380, get_transient() had a check for get_option( $transient_timeout ) < time(). Because get_option() can return false and false is always < time() 😖, get_transient() could delete transient timeout options in an unexpected way or cause two more unnecessary queries.

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mycli –help Usage: mycli [OPTIONS] [DATABASE] Options: -h, –host TEXT Host address of the database. -P, –port TEXT Port number to use for connection. Honors $MYSQL_TCP_PORT -u, –user TEXT User name to connect to the database. -S, –socket TEXT The socket file to use for connection. -p, –password Force password prompt.

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1000 Foo Fighters Record – Rockin1000 Official

1000 musicisti suonano Learn to Fly dei Foo Fighters per chiedere a Dave Grohl di venire a suonare a Cesena 1000 musicians play Learn to Fly by Foo Fighters to ask Dave Grohl to come and play in Cesena, Italy Directed by Anita Rivaroli and Alberto Viavattene Edited by Matteo Stefani Created by Fabio Zaffagnini Claudia Spadoni, Anita Rivaroli, Martina Pieri, Marta Guidarelli, Valentina Balzani, Debora Castellucci

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How Icebike.org Was Reborn Thanks to a WPZOOM Theme

Time and time again it is happening that while helping our customers we discover that our themes are used on some really great websites that deserve more attention. This was the case with Mads Phikamphon’s site Icebike.org. Probably it’s not difficult to guess that the site is about cycling, and not just winter cycling, but all kinds of cycling and much more.

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Awesome Geek Podcasts: A Curated List of Tech Podcasts

The WordPress community produces a couple dozen high quality podcasts covering diverse topics, such as weekly news, business/entrepreneurship, education, and development. Every year the best WordPress-related podcasts are featured in roundup posts highlighting shows that are publishing new episodes regularly. One way to venture outside the WordPress world is to expand your horizons when it comes to podcast subscriptions.

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