Rey is a Kenobi

Like much of the world last weekend, I had the sincere pleasure of seeing a brand new Star Wars movie. For an entire weekend (and two viewings) my younger brother and I regressed back to our pre-adolescent (and adolescent) selves, relishing the escape from our now very adult lives and responsibilities.

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Cork City Sunset

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Hairstylist’s Striking Side-By-Side Selfies Target ‘Perfect’ Social Media Photos

Earlier this month, Kansas-based hairstylist Ursula Goff uploaded this side-by-side image juxtaposing two jarringly contrasting selfies. The photos were taken several days apart. Goff uploaded the visual to spotlight the worthlessness in comparing oneself against others on social media because these “picture-perfect” images are all refined.

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palladium and petrichor.

guys someone talk to me about poe dameron – best pilot in the resistance, top dog, guns-blazing male protagonist – and how he was so kind. how he took an ex storm trooper at face value and with unconditional, immediate trust and even a fierce kind of joy- yeah, you go buddy!

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Sky News

Dubai hotel fire eyewitness days roads are “jam-packed” as people are evacuated & re-routed

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Huge Fire In Dubai Hotel Ahead Of NYE Fireworks

A massive fire has engulfed a 63-storey luxury hotel near Dubai’s New Year’s Eve fireworks display. The blaze has run up at least 20 storeys of The Address Hotel near the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest skyscraper. It was first reported at 9.30pm local time but the cause is not yet known.

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Naj on Twitter

As a straight male, how would u feel about your child having a homosexual school teacher Who their around for 8hrs of the day

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