Feds to reclassify manatees from ‘endangered’ to ‘threatened’

Sea cows took decades to emerge from a sea of troubles. Within a year, federal wildlife officials plan to reclassify the long-embattled Florida manatee from “endangered” to the less serious status of “threatened.” On Friday, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service plans to publish a proposed rule to reclassify the species.

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How WordCamp Paris Streamlined Speaker Submissions with the Idea Stream Plugin

This post was contributed by guest author Jenny Beaumont. Jenny Beaumont is co-organizer of WordCamp Paris & WordCamp Europe, a frequent speaker at WordCamps in France and abroad, and a contributor to a number of blogs. After 17 years building things in and around the web, she is taking a year-long sabbatical to get a new outlook on life.

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Progress Report: Measure Jetpack Benchmark Project

Late in 2015, Arūnas Liuiza, a WordPress plugin developer, announced a new project called Measure Jetpack. Measure Jetpack is an independent, comprehensive series of benchmarks that will show how much impact Jetpack has on a site’s performance. Over the last few months, little information has been shared on the project’s status.

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WordPress 4.4.1 Security & Maintenance Release

by Hristo Product Development – Technical No Comments A new WordPress security update 4.4.1 was announced yesterday. The latest version fixes a cross-site scripting vulnerability that allows a site to be compromised as well as some minor issues. All WordPress sites at SiteGround with enabled autoupdate service have been updated to the new version 4.4.1 last night and are safe and sound.

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Gravity Forms Stripe Add-On v2.0 Released – Gravity Forms Support

Gravity Forms Stripe Add-On v2.0 is now available via automatic update and the Add-On Downloads page. This is a maintenance, feature and developer release. The Stripe Add-On now supports notification events to send notifications on payment/subscription events. Note: The Stripe Add-On is available to Gravity Forms Developer license customers.

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The most influential person to follow in WordPress for 2016 is… | Pagely® WordPress Hosting

Image Credit: https://www.ostraining.com/landing/wordpress/ created the standard for Managed WordPress Hosting and offers Managed WordPress plans for Developers, Enterprise, and small business. Always secure, Always fast, our WordPress platform enables you to do more. Host Your Site Here Fresh content to your inbox. Subscribe below to receive a weekly email with the latest content from our blog.

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iThemes Anniversary Sale – iThemes

THIS MONTH, WE CELEBRATE 8 AWESOME YEARS OF SERVING YOU. Use coupon code WOOT8YEARS to save 35% off everything site-wide* through 11:59 p.m. (CST) January 31, 2016. Use the links below to automatically save 35% off your purchase: BackupBuddy 2 Sites, 10 Sites, Unlimited Sites & BackupBuddy Gold BackupBuddy Stash 5GB, 10GB, 25GB, 50GB, 100GB iThemes Security Pro 2 …

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More Than 655M Comments Were Published on WordPress.com in 2015

Between posts and comments, WordPress.com is an enormous hub of activity. The service recently published its 2015 year in review and the numbers are staggering. Last year, users published 660M posts that generated more than 655M comments. The review looks back at posts that went viral, books published by authors, and coverage of world events.

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‘Game of Thrones’ Linguist Talks Tolkien, Cupcakes, and Other Shtako in AMA

Entertainment David Peterson, creator of the Dothraki & Valyrian languages, stops by Reddit’s Books community for an AMA. David Peterson is famous for developing the fictional tongues like Dothraki and Valyrian for Games of Thrones; Castithan, Irathient, Indojisnen, and Kinuk’aaz for sci-fi series Defiance; and Verbis Diablo for Penny Dreadful.

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Mother Nature’s Toolbox Must Be Heavy

Running npm install for WordPress is a terrifying experience. It installs so many libraries and dependencies, it would take a lifetime to learn them all. If you’ve never had the pleasure, here’s what it looks like today: WordPress@4.5.0 /Users/johnjamesjacoby/Work/VVV/www/wordpress-develop ├─┬ autoprefixer@6.1.2 │ ├── browserslist@1.0.1 │ ├── caniuse-db@1.0.30000384 │ ├── num2fraction@1.2.2 │ ├─┬ postcss@5.0.14 │ │…

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The Good Client Guide: WordPress Development Glossary * Marktime Media

This post is part of an ongoing Good Client Guide series, which serves to demystify the web development process and empower consumers of web design (known to many in the industry as The Client™) to be an informed and effective partner in the process. The process of getting a website developed for your business is exciting….

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Briar: A Free Minimalist WordPress Theme Based on Bootstrap

Briar is a new minimalist theme that landed in the WordPress directory last month. It’s the type of bold, non-flashy theme that puts the spotlight on content and images without trying to stuff widgets into the reading experience. Briar was created by the folks at Slicejack, a Croatia-based development company and a brand new WordPress.org theme author.

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