Towards an understanding of technical debt

I’ve spent the last few years rather flippantly stating, “Technical debt doesn’t exist.” What I was trying to say was, “I’m deeply uncomfortable with how our industry talks about this thing, I think it’s probably harmful, but I don’t know quite how to express what I mean.

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BBC Breaking News on Twitter

Music legend David Bowie has died, according to his son and his official Facebook page

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WordPress in 2016

A year ago, I published WordPress in 2015. In retrospect, I’m very happy how the article turned out. The predictions were for the most part accurate, but materialised at varying speeds. You can check it out here. Looking back, 2015 was another strong year for WordPress and its ecosystem.

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2015 year in review – Pippins Plugins

2015 has been an interesting year for me in so many ways. Partly because it’s been supremely successful for the business and partly because it has been exceptionally challenging (and superb) on a personal level.

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There’s a way to get girls to stick with science-and no, it’s not more female role models

I’ve been into science for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I star-gazed with my dad and hung out in the math class my mom taught at a local college. I told everyone that I was going to be a paleontologist, or an astronaut, or a physicist.

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Our Parker Story

While driving back home from a family wedding in Texas in October, we got a call from an agency we provide temporary pre-adoption fostering for that a baby boy had been born across the state from us. He would need fostering until a court date in a couple of weeks to terminate the parental rights of the non-involved biological father.

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