Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon now plan to support Apple in court in its fight with FBI

After some initial delay, several of the biggest names and competitors in the technology industry are now gearing up to stand firmly behind Apple in its fight with the FBI. Google, Facebook and Twitter are planning to file legal briefs in court to support Apple in the coming days, individuals close to each company confirmed to Mashable on Thursday.

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Query by JetPack Related Posts

A site I’ve been working on had a list of “recent posts” displaying underneath the main content. The feature used a WP_Query loop to display an image, title, and author link for each recent post. The client wanted to update this to use a “related posts” algorithm instead, but didn’t want to change anything else about the design or display.

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Jetpack 3.9.2: Maintenance and Security Release

Jetpack 3.9.2 is now available for download. We’ve added two security updates as well as several bug fixes and enhancements. We recommend that you update your sites to the latest version as soon as possible. Security updates Beautiful Math: there was a potential XSS vulnerability when parsing LaTeX markup within HTML elements.

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Top Women Influencers – WPMeta

At 18000 mph among the stars in seconds… Millions of dollars in a few days… big entrepreneurs, CXO at big corporations, difference makers, bloggers… Women are unstoppable. Even in the WordPress world. Lisa Sabin-Wilson – Best selling author, entrepreneur and yoga girl… If you ever got yourself a copy of ‘WordPress for Dummies’ or any…

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Efficient Responsive Design Process – Smashing Magazine

What’s your responsive design process like? Do you feel that it’s efficient? The following article is an excerpt from Ben Callahan’s chapter “Responsive Process,” first published in the Smashing Book 5 (table of contents). We’ve collected some useful techniques and practices from real-life responsive projects in the book – and you can get your hard copy or grab the eBook today.

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Ask A WordPress Question | Post Status

Ask Post Status a question. I (Brian Krogsgard) will get your question first, but if I don’t have a good answer, I’ll source it to the Post Status community, and we’ll publish the answer via video/audio/text or however seems best! Your question can be about anything surrounding the WordPress ecosystem: development, business, design, project management, …

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Transactional email alternatives (for Mandrill App) – Remkus de Vries

Like many of you, I’m sure, I found an email from Mandrill App in my inbox today that explains them merging their service with the parent company MailChimp. I’d be fine with the merge in itself, I love MailChimp, but what I don’t like about this move is this section: Our billing and pricing model is also changing.

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The new Recurring Payments extension – Easy Digital Downloads

Three years ago, soon after the very first version of Easy Digital Downloads launched, we released our Recurring Payments extension. The extension quickly became one of the most popular and widely used of all the extensions in our catalogue. Today, I am excited to announce that the new Recurring Payments is here.

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DEADPOOL’s Success is About Truth in Character, Not Raunch | Nerdist

Millions of people worldwide let out a sigh of relief last weekend when Fox and Marvel’s Deadpool movie turned out to be exactly what we all hoped it would be. It was funny, it was irreverent, it was raunchy, it was violent, it was foul-mouthed, and it was exactly the movie fans of the character in the comics could have hoped for.

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