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Another exciting announcement! @pwcc has joined our ranks, and we’re very happy to have him on board!

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Shopify eCommerce Plugin – Shopping Cart

Shopify Ecommerce Plugin – Shopping Cart makes selling products on your WordPress site simple. In just a few clicks you can create a Buy Button that lets visitors securely checkout from any page on your site.


Welcome! You are invited to join a webinar: Impacts of a Website Compromise. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the event.

Join Sucuri in the first webinar discussing the Impacts of a Website Compromise. This webinar is designed to educate and bring awareness to website owners on the threat compromises pose to their online properties. The discussion will explore attacker motivations, what attackers can do, and finally what that means to your website.

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Paul Ryan Will Pick the Next President. Here’s Why

It’s hidden there in plain sight, even if it hasn’t happened since the election of 1825: The people will not pick the next president, Congress will. We wrote about this last week on Medium, and now the story is beginning to flesh out.

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My proudest review

This album is really big! It’s going to take us a bit to get your download ready for you. Enter your email and we will notify you when it’s ready. Once ready, it will be available for up to 24 hours.

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Apple Encryption Engineers, if Ordered to Unlock iPhone, Might Resist

SAN FRANCISCO – If the F.B.I. wins its court fight to force Apple’s help in unlocking an iPhone, the agency mayrun into yet another roadblock: Apple’s engineers. Apple employees are already discussing what they will do if ordered to help law enforcement authorities.

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Stack Overflow Survey Results Show WordPress is Trending Up, Despite Being Ranked Among Most Dreaded Technologies

Stack Overflow published the results of its 2016 Developer Survey, summarizing responses from 56,033 developers in 173 countries. The 45-question survey collected answers from more than twice as many developers as the previous year. The results were published along with a disclaimer recognizing that the survey is “biased against devs who don’t speak English, or who don’t like taking English-language surveys.”

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