Alan Walker, the 18-year-old behind that ‘Faded’ song, tells us what’s next

Eighteen-year-old Alan Walker produced “Faded” the same way he’s been producing music since age 14 – in his bedroom at his parent’s home in Bergen, Norway. But now, the dizzying, beautifully lonesome EDM track, featuring vocals from Norwegian singer-songwriter Iselin Solheim , is the the most Shazam-ed song in the world, with other 150 million streams on Spotify and nearly 65 million YouTube views.

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‘Rocket League’ is a historic first step toward PlayStation vs. Xbox games

If you’re excited about Microsoft’s freshly announced support for cross-platform play – which could even allow Xbox and PlayStation users to clash, eventually – thank Rocket League developer Psyonix. “We were prodding everyone all the time,” Jeremy Dunham, the studio’s vice president, told Mashable.

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White House Appoints First Transgender Person As Primary LGBT Liaison

President Barack Obama has appointed Raffi Freedman-Gurspan as the White House’s primary LGBT liaison, making her the first transgender person in the role, White House officials told BuzzFeed News on Monday. LGBT leaders applauded the announcement. “Raffi is a great choice,” said Mara Keisling, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality.

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Tickets for WordCamp Jacksonville 2016 Now on Sale

Florida hosts some of the most successful and longest-running WordCamps in the US with events in Miami, Orlando, and Tampa Bay. Jacksonville, the largest city in Florida with a population of more than 800,000, will be hosting its very first WordCamp. The event will be held April 16-17 downtown at the Florida State College campus.

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Tech policy activists find Bernie Sanders is best bet – while Trump is the worst

The top candidate from the great state of the internet is Bernie Sanders, according to an analysis of the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates’ campaign platforms by tech policy activists at the Free Press Action Fund. The worst candidate on policy positions that affect citizens’ digital lives? Donald J Trump.

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Behind the Scenes of WPForms – My New WordPress Plugin

Forms have been part of the web for quite a long time. Just google the word “contact form”, and you will see over 210 Million results. Even if you search the plugins directory, there are 1000+ plugins with a tag “contact form”. When the news first got out that we’re launching WPForms, a WordPress …

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#WPSecurity Week with @sucurisecurity and @wpbarista

We have some big things planned this week my friends!! We are going to highlight WordPress security all week and you’re definitely going to want to get in on the giveaway sponsored by the incredible Sucuri. Now, I know that security gets a bit intimidating for most of my regular readers, so I’m going to break it down into simple steps.

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WordPress Global Translation Day Set for April 24, 2016

The WordPress Polyglots team is planning its first ever Global Translation Day to be held April 24, 2016, in every timezone around the globe. The 24-hour translation sprint will start at dawn in the East and end in the West. In addition to translating strings, organizers are also looking to grow the translation teams and educate new translators.

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The best explanation for Hillary Clinton’s bizarre comments about the Reagans and HIV/AIDS

On Friday, Hillary Clinton made a bizarre claim about Ronald and Nancy Reagan during the former first lady’s funeral: that on HIV/AIDS, they “started a national conversation. When before nobody would talk about it, nobody wanted to do anything about it.” This got the history, as we now know it, completely wrong.

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The macabre truth of gun control in the US is that toddlers kill more people than terrorists do | Lindy West

This week, in my country, considered by some of its more embarrassing denizens to be the “greatest country in the world”, an outspoken Florida “gun rights” advocate left a loaded .45 calibre handgun in the back seat of her car and was promptly shot and wounded by her four-year-old child.

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Pieter Hintjens on Building Open Source Communities – Jeremy Felt

This was a really interesting listen. Pieter Hintjens, the founder of ZeroMQ, lays out a handful of rules for building open source communities. Put people before code. Make progress before you get consensus. Problems before solutions. Contracts before internals. Everything you do as a founder of a community should be aimed at getting the people …

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OnePress: A Free Single-Page WordPress Theme Built with Bootstrap 4

If you’re a fan of the scrolling single-page parallax style themes, OnePress is a new one on that may pique your interest. After less than a month in the official directory, it has already been installed on more than 3,000 websites. OnePress was developed by the folks at FameThemes using Bootstrap version 4.

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