Concerned Texas gentleman patrols ladies’ restroom, tells woman “You’re dressed like a man”

This fellow has volunteered to make sure the people who use a women’s restroom in Texas look and dress the way he and other frightened jackasses want them to look and dress. From Jezebel: Reporter Eric Nicholson writes that the video was shot by Jessica Rush at the Baylor Medical Center in the suburb of Frisco on Thursday.

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Our site was hacked !

Dear templatic customer, Let me start by saying that templatic has Never Ever stored any credit card information on our site. All the transactions are only ever handled directly by PayPal or 2Checkout. Our site is only integrated with the above secure payment gateways so your financial data is always safe and never compromised.

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The Lawmakers Who Control Your Digital Future Are Clueless About Technology

It is becoming increasingly clear that Senators Dianne Feinstein and Richard Burr, co-chairs of the Senate Intelligence Committee, don’t have the slightest clue about how encryption works. Good thing they’re currently pushing disastrous legislation that would force tech companies to decrypt things for law enforcement!

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They Have To Be Monsters

Since I started working on Discourse, I spend a lot more time thinking about how software can encourage and nudge people to be more empathetic online. That’s why it’s especially hard to read articles like this one: My brother’s 32nd birthday is today. It’s an especially emotional day for his family because he’s not alive for it.

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Tom McFarlin on Twitter

Shiny Updates for #WordPress … ht @obenland

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Texas Prisons Assert Right to Censor Inmates’ Families on Social Media

On the morning of April 15, Pat Hartwell drove up from her home in Houston, Texas, to the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Austin, where the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, which runs the state’s prisons, was holding a board meeting.

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