Drupal Database Spam – SQL Injections Target Drupal 7 Sites

By Daniel Cid It has been over 19 months since Drupalgeddon, which refers to Drupal’s Security Advisory (SA) SA-CORE-2014-005. For those unfamiliar with it, it was a highly critical SQL Injection (SQLi) vulnerability that allowed an attacker to arbitrarily execute SQL commands remotely, leading to potential privilege escalation issues and execution of PHP code on the server.

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Why Digital Creatives Love the Genesis Framework * Calvin Koepke

So, you have this business idea that you’re itching to get off the ground. You know exactly how to make it successful, have a killer mission statement, and an effective design that promotes your message. That’s great, but now you’re wondering what you should be building it on.

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Why the Best Companies and Developers Give Away Almost Everything They Do

Pause for a minute and think deeply about your answers before reading further: What are the best software companies in the world? Who are the best software engineers in the world? Did you come up with a list of names? If so, how many names are on that list? Three?

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WordCamp Europe to Offer Free Live Streaming for All Sessions

WordCamp Europe 2016 is sold out as of last week. With 2200 people expected to attend, it will be the largest WordPress event in history. Attendees representing 68 different countries will gather in Vienna for two days of sessions and networking on June 24-25th.

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How to Implement Kinder, Gentler Marketing: 4 All-Natural Truths – Copyblogger –

I have a love/hate relationship with a soap company. About five years ago, I stumbled across their products online. They boasted rare and unique scents and naturally-sourced ingredients. They were irresistible (to me, anyway). And their prices seemed reasonable. So, I placed an order. And that’s when my troubles began.

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How to Stop Content Pirates with Frame Buster for WordPress

Last updated on by Editorial Staff Do you want to stop content pirates from showing their own ads on your WordPress site? There are several tools that allow marketers to place their own call to actions and advertisements on any link they want.

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