WordPress Plugin Team Revamps Guidelines, Invites Feedback on GitHub

Two months ago the WordPress Plugin Directory guidelines became a heated topic of debate after the plugin team began cracking down on incentivized reviews. The most recent publicized incident involved the Sprout Invoices plugin, which was temporarily removed from the directory and all of its 5-star reviews erased after it was discovered that the author was offering a discount on the commercial version in exchange for a review.

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The Official Doctor Who Cookbook, A Collection of Fun Recipes Inspired by the Popular BBC Series

British food writer Joanna Farrow has partnered with BBC One to release Doctor Who: The Official Cookbook which features a collection “40 Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey Recipes” that were inspired by the colorful characters who appeared on the long-running television series.

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Talkspace for $50 off on your first month!

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Jetpack 4.3 Now in Beta, Admin Interface Rebuilt Using React.js

Automattic is doubling down on its commitment to using JavaScript in its products. In November 2015, the company debuted Calypso, its first React.js-based product powered by the WordPress.com REST API. Shortly after Calypso’s unveiling, Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg declared that “JavaScript and API-driven interfaces are the future of not just WordPress but the web.”

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Practical Tools Recommended by WordPress Pros

We talk to a lot of WordPress pros and pick their brains for insights. Recently we talked to four such WordPress pros about the practical tools they use. Check out some of the helpful tools these pros suggest. “WordPress isn’t a piece of software, it’s a movement.”

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The All-New Jetpack: Let’s See How You React

Jetpack 4.3 is coming out next week! It’s the culmination of thousands of hours of work from dozens of talented engineers and designers. The Jetpack admin interface has been completely rethought and rebuilt from the ground up using the React.js JavaScript library.

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