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Benjamin Button Reviews The New MacBook Pro (Pinboard Blog)

The most obvious change is the redesigned keyboard. Removing the Touchbar creates room for a row of physical function buttons and, in a nice touch, an escape key. This isn’t a perfect solution: the function buttons map to a confusing series of actions that can send windows flying around the screen with an errant keystroke, and the new physical off switch is too close to the backspace key.

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Guide To Candy Trading

An oldie… but necessary for your post Halloween trading activities

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Mullenweg Takes Aim at Wix over GPL Abuses, Wix Response Fails to Address Licensing Issue

Over the weekend WordPress co-creator and Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg called out Wix for copying GPL code from the WordPress mobile app and distributing it in its proprietary app. He identified two repositories that Wix forked in order to bring the GPL-licensed WordPress Rich Text Editor into its app.

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CPTUI Celebrates 2 million downloads! –

Hold on a sec, I need to dance. Now that I’ve got that out of my system, let’s move on. In 2010, WebDevStudios released the first version of the Custom Post Type UI (CPTUI) plugin to the WordPress plugin directory. At the time, Custom Post … Read More


Learning From Buggy WordPress Wp-login Malware

When a site gets hacked, the attack doesn’t end with the malicious payload or spam content. Hackers know that most website administrators will clean up the infection and look no further. Many go on to patch vulnerable software, change their passwords, and perform other post-hack steps.

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