Adam Silverstein made WordPress core committer

Congratulations to 10up Lead Engineer Adam Silverstein, recently made a WordPress core committer! With complete access to the WordPress code repository, core committer status is not given out lightly. Through his work on the Revisions UI for WordPress 3.6, leading the recent WP API Backbone client development and many more core JavaScript features, his countless […]

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Firefox 0day used against Tor users almost identical to one FBI used in 2013

There’s a zero-day exploit in the wild that’s being used to execute malicious code on the computers of people using Tor and possibly other users of the Firefox browser, officials of the anonymity service confirmed Tuesday. Word of the previously unknown Firefox vulnerability first surfaced in this post on the official Tor website.

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Thousands of Fight for 15 protesters rise up in 340 cities across the US

Thousands of Fight for 15 supporters chanted, marched, sat in and got arrested in 340 cities across the US on Tuesday, declaring that they won’t back down no matter who is in the White House. Tuesday’s large protest – the fast food movement’s twelfth one-day strike – was a far cry from four Novembers ago when the Fight for 15 held its first one-day strike.

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Elizabeth Shilling Awarded the Kim Parsell Memorial Scholarship

The WordPress Foundation has announced that Elizabeth Shilling, co-founder of the Women Who Code meetup group, is the second recipient of the Kim Parsell Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship was created in 2015 to remember Kim Parsell and provide an opportunity for a woman who may not have the financial means to attend the largest WordCamp in the US.

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The Stache-Tastic Home Stretch | Pagely®

Here we are – nearly at the end of #Movember, a month along event where folks raise funds and awareness of men’s health issues like Mental Health, Prostate Cancer, and Testicular Cancer. There are some stellar stache’s and great Move event participation. The Pagely-All-Star team has raised just over $2k and Team Sucuri is not far behind.

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New WordPress Optimization Tools in iThemes Sync

iThemes Sync Pro just got an update that includes some handy WordPress optimization tools for all of the WordPress sites you manage. Each WordPress optimization action removes the clutter from your WordPress database so it can run more efficiently. Optimization tools have been one of the most requested features from Sync users, so we’re excited to roll them out today.

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5 Tips to Prepare for the Next Cyber Monday | Pagely®

If you’re reading this article to prepare for Cyber Monday, you’ve already missed the boat. To get the most visibility during a major event like a holiday, you need to have content ready 45 days in advance. It’s called the 45-Day Rule, and even if you publish everything right now, you’re already within 45 days of Christmas itself, much less Cyber Monday.

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Watch Werner Herzog Narrate the Savage Lava Death of Chef Boyardee

“The sun dimmeth, the land sinketh, gusheth forth steam and gutting fire.” Quoting Norse poetry, celebrated documentarian Werner Herzog uses these words to describe our planet’s ancient forces in his recent film Into the Inferno. These same lines, it turns out, serve as a fitting eulogy for an unfortunate can of Chef Boyardee.

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Notorious IoT botnets weaponize new flaw found in millions of home routers

Online criminals-at least some of them wielding the notorious Mirai malware that transforms Internet-of-things devices into powerful denial-of-service cannons-have begun exploiting a critical flaw that may be present in millions of home routers. Routers provided to German and Irish ISP customers for Deutsche Telekom and Eircom respectively have already been identified as being vulnerable, according to recently published reports from researchers tracking the attacks.

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Sixth Annual All Hands Summit: photographic retrospective

Back in September, team 10up gathered in Atlanta from around the globe for four days of knowledge sharing, team building, and face-to-face time. Our days were filled with inspiring, educational presentations from our peers, while the evenings let us kick back and relax with teammates whom we normally only see on our computer screen.

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Introducing Sessionz – Things That Matter Most

Not that long ago, I made an attempt to fix what I saw as one of the biggest issues facing session management in WordPress. Many larger sites use multiple servers for presenting content, but the lack of sticky sessions on the load balancer means that standard PHP sessions, which live in the filesystem, tend to fail quite quickly.

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SiteLock Gives Back – Technology Matters | The District

Giving back to the communities in which we live and work is something we are extremely passionate about, especially when the cause supports local schools. In an effort to help enhance the quality of education in the Phoenix, Arizona and Jacksonville, Florida areas, we are excited to announce the SiteLock Digital Kids Fund and our new partnership with

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How to create & sell an online course in WordPress: a step-by-step guide

I started creating online courses in 2014. At the time it was for fun and really just to see if I could create one (I never intended it to be the main part of my business). But now, years later, I’ve created courses that have been taken by over 10,000 students (which is scary to imagine) and generated over $1,000,000 dollars in revenue.

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