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Hello! 👋🏻 My name is John O’Nolan, and I run a not-for-profit technology foundation which makes technology for journalists. Our main product is called Ghost, which is a modern open-source publishing platform. In the current publishing landscape there are two main choices: (1) old, unfocused open-source platforms which are tired and broken, or (2) new, amazing publishing systems which are completely proprietary and closed.

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Website builder Wix acquires art community DeviantArt for $36M has made another acquisition to build out the tools that it provides to users to build and administer websites: it has acquired DeviantArt, an online community for artists, designers and art/design enthusiasts with some 325 million individual pieces of original art and more than 40 million registered members, for $36 million in cash, plus $3 million of assumed liabilities.

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Dear general neurotypical population: we know more about you than you know about us:

Today I feel like going on a road trip down Irony Lane. First, I’ll lay down some basics. Basic Tidbit 1 – Asperger’s/autistic people are said to lack empathy. Empathy, of course, in this case, generally refers to not being able to care about other people or think like they do; in short, we can’t…

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#37646 (Make wp-settings.php a series of do_actions()) – WordPress Trac

As more robust and sophisticated plugins, themes, APIs, and systems start to use, rely on, and bend WordPress to their will, the need to override more & more pieces becomes apparent. While WordPress comes with a very handy set of default post types, taxonomies, APIs, helpers, wrappers, and tools, it may be desirable to unhook (or never load) certain pieces so that other pieces can take their place.

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Pagely Managed Hosting vs. WordPress VIP

The Pagely journey started with the simple idea that hosting your own WordPress powered site could be better. The service launched in late 2006 with some success. The platform was refined with additional services, tools, and configuration options and relaunched in 2009 creating the new market channel of “Managed WordPress Hosting” VIP came into being in late 2007/early 2008 as a premium option offered by Automattic’s blogging service.

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Here’s why using pirated WordPress themes is a terrible idea

Choosing the right WordPress theme is exceptionally important: the right theme can make a site, and vice versa for the wrong theme. The best WordPress themes are typically premium themes. We’ve been making WordPress themes for the last eight years, so we can attest to the extra value packed into premium themes – and also the huge amount of time it takes to develop a single WordPress theme.

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Currently testing @studiopress Sites, and well, mind blown! We will have some more information for you as we continue to navigate all of the in’s and out’s, but for now let’s look at some (yes, some, because there are a lot) the features: – ✔ Built in SEO Functionality ✔ WP Cloud Hosting + SSL ✔ Genesis Framework + Themes ✔ 24/7 Security Monitoring ✔ One-Click Premium Plugins – … and so much more! Basically, you get to focus on creating amazing content (and you can sell stuff too!), without worrying about the technology side of things. Win-win. Of course, an update on our pricing structure – for those who are interested in this amazing new service – is coming your way.

51 Likes, 7 Comments – SoVerve™ Marketing Group (@_soverve) on Instagram: “Currently testing @studiopress Sites, and well, mind blown! We will have some more information for…”

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My Role: Robert Rowley | Pagely®

Title: Senior Information Security Engineer Who am I? I am the person who stays up to date with all of the relevant security issues that face both our company infrastructure and our customers’ needs. My work history before joining Pagely included work with security, hosting, data center providers, development, and as a vulnerability researcher.

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WordPress Core Editor Team Publishes UI Prototype for “Gutenberg,” an Experimental Block Based Editor

In the past few weeks, the WordPress Core Editor team, led by Automattic employees Matías Ventura and Joen Asmussen, have been hard at work creating a new content creation experience. The team recently published a UI prototype for Gutenberg, an experimental block based editor.

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Nextgen Bootstrap/Load Feature Project

The bootstrapping process of WordPress Core (affectionately called the “Bootstrap/Load” component around here) is a critical piece of the system, and everything else depends on it being reliable and performant. However, developers and system administrators also need it to be flexible enough to adapt to the requirements of their differing projects or environments.

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Sherlock Holmes and Mastery of the Craft of Writing – Copyblogger

Sherlock Holmes was the greatest Consulting Detective in the world. Though merely a fiction – written over a century ago by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – his methods of logical deduction are without equal. Holmes’s mastery of his craft brought him to the fog-cloaked London doorsteps of the most powerful people of his time.

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This Mark Zuckerberg parody is so good that people think it’s real

We all know that Mark Zuckerberg’s resolution for 2017 is to visit and meet people in every U.S. state by the end of the year. Faithful to his “personal challenge,” the Facebook CEO posted a picture of him and his wife Priscilla Chan as they walk along the arcade of a town in Alabama, while reading a local newspaper.

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BuddyPress 2.8 Boosts Minimum PHP Requirement, Adds Twenty Seventeen Companion Stylesheet

BuddyPress 2.8 “San Matteo,” was released last week, led by long-time BuddyPress contributor Slava Abakumov. The release was named for San Matteo Panuozzo, an NYC pizza restaurant that specializes in panuozzo, a more portable pizza-sandwich hybrid. Following suit with the previous release, 2.8 focuses on improvements for developers and site builders, the project’s new target audience as of 2016.

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Composing a WordPress Development Environment with Docker

This post was contributed by guest author Peter Suhm. Peter is a web developer from the Land of the Danes. He is the creator of WP Pusher and a huge travel addict, bringing his work along with him as he goes. In the last few years, a wave of virtualization technologies have swept through our WordPress development environments.

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‘Last Night in Sweden’? Trump’s Remark Baffles a Nation

LONDON – Swedes reacted with confusion, anger and ridicule on Sunday to a vague remark by President Trump that suggested that something terrible had occurred in their country. During a campaign-style rally on Saturday in Florida, Mr. Trump issued a sharp if discursive attack on refugee policies in Europe, ticking off a list of places that have been hit by terrorists.

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Disqus Hits Sites with Unwanted Advertising, Plans to Charge Large Publishers a Monthly Fee to Remove Ads

When Disqus announced it would be releasing new, subscription-based versions later this year, users didn’t expect to have the new advertising model injected into their sites without notice. Disqus CEO Daniel Ha said the company would release finalized pricing and provide more details well in advance of its planned March release, but users are reporting that the advertising has already been forced into their comments without warning.

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WordPress Security – Fake TrafficAnalytics Website Infection

Several months ago, our research team identified a fake analytics infection, known as RealStatistics. The malicious Javascript injection looks a lot like tracking code for a legitimate analytics service. RealStatistics even set up fake analytics websites designed to trick webmasters who took a few steps to investigate the unfamiliar script.

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