Testing the Impacts of Website Caching Tools

Northon Torga Espanol Portugues Try to remember what you ate for lunch yesterday. It took you about 3-5 seconds, right? Ok. Now recall that memory once more. Took you less than a second this time, for sure. You remembered much faster the second time around because you didn’t have to “query” that information again from your brain’s “storage”.

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WordPress Relaunches Plugin Directory with New Design and Improved Search Algorithm

The new WordPress Plugin Directory went live today. Contributors have been working for the past year on rebuilding the directory with a new design and better capabilities for searching through the 45K+ available plugins. The new landing page displays a search bar prominently at the top, followed by sections for featured plugins, popular plugins, and beta plugins.

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The Unnecessary Fragmentation of Design Jobs

Hey there, tech designer person. Have you noticed the increasing number of vague specializations we’ve invented for ourselves? Here are a few I grabbed from a job board 10 minutes ago. UX DesignerUX/UI DesignerUI Designer Graphic Designer (UX & UI focus) Visual DesignerDigital DesignerProduct DesignerPresentation DesignerFront End DesignerWeb Designer Bleh.

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Introducing Poedit 2

Poedit 2 features robust pre-translation support: you can now pre-translate the entire file using Poedit’s huge online database and machine translation and then only correct the imperfections. This is often faster than using suggestions one by one and can be particularly effective when a lot of strings are commonly repeated, such as in themes translations.

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UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd Links WordPress.com to the Spread of Terrorism

UK government officials are targeting online service providers after terrorist Khalid Masood killed four people and injured more than two dozen in an attack in Westminster last week. In an article published on the Telegraph Sunday morning, British Home Secretary Amber Rudd called on Google, Twitter, and Facebook to take action on extremist content.

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Join our Affiliate Program: Get a 20% Revenue Share for Every Referral

We are now accepting applications to join our affiliate program. Join us in promoting products WordPress professionals and users love. Jetpack’s paid plans help WordPress site owners to improve their site’s security, speed, reach, and revenue – with full data backups, automated malware scanning, high-speed video delivery, an ad program, and SEO tools.

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How To Install Google Tag Manager On WordPress

As your site progresses, you’re going to experiment and use multiple platforms to increase conversions based on your objectives. This comes with it’s own challenges of managing the different scripts you’ll use within your site. So to reduce the time and platforms needed, here’s our step-by-step guide on how to install Google Tag Manager on WordPress that you can do in less than 15 mins.

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Medium Aims to Fix ‘Broken’ Media with New $5 Subscription Program

Nearly three months after laying off a third of its staff and publicly admitting that its previous ad-based revenue model was broken, Medium has introduced a new $5 per month subscription program. The internet speculated freely about Medium’s next move after CEO Ev Williams said the company would be taking “a different, bolder approach” to the problem of driving payment for quality content.

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Unlimited Premium Themes Now Included in the Premium Plan

Finding just the right look for your site can be a fun task. If you’re on the Premium plan, it’s about to get a lot more fun: the Premium plan now includes unlimited access to all our premium themes. With over 200 premium themes on WordPress.com – and new themes added regularly – that’s more than $16,000 worth of premium themes.

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Social buttons: How to add and track them on your site – Yoast

To help your blog gain more readers, you can make use of social buttons which allow your current readers to share interesting posts on their social media accounts. But how should you go about implementing them? In this post we’ll explain how we’ve done this at Yoast and will give you some pointers on how to get started.

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Sucuri and GoDaddy team up to protect more websites – The Garage

Shawn’s been working with freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business owners for more than 20 years. He’s consulted companies large and small on communication, social media, and marketing strategies. At heart he’s a small-business superfan. He believes that working for yourself is one of the most courageous and creative moves anyone can make.

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