Pods 2.7 Beta Introduces Flexible Relationships, Rewrites Fields in JavaScript

Pods Framework has released two new versions. Pods 2.6.9 is a maintenance release that includes bug fixes for Pods Templates, Auto Templates, and Pods Shortcodes. Meanwhile, Pods 2.7 beta 1 introduces a new feature called Flexible Relationships. Flexible Relationships uses WordPress’ media modal that allows users to add or edit records from within the parent record of a relationship.

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Enjoy Some New Custom Music! – Novel Soundtrax

https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/325284367 Check out the latest, fun Simbi commission I finished for a professional blacksmith, wood, and leather worker! And, of course, there’s my previous custom tune, “The Groovy City,” to enjoy, as well as some new, indie short-film music! I’ll try to keep this post updated as I add more custom work…

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UNICEF WordPress Hosting Case Study | Pagely®

After changing our CMS to WordPress, we wanted to make sure that our whole web eco-system was fast, secure and flexible. We did an RFP alongside some independent market research, and were ultimately able to narrow our list down to three or four qualified vendors, all of whom specialized in WordPress hosting and provided the type of security features we needed.

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Gravity Forms v2.2.2 Released – Gravity Forms Support

Gravity Forms v2.2.2 is now available via automatic update and the downloads page. This is a maintenance, bug fix and developer release. As with all updates we recommend users update as soon as possible. Added ‘gform_multifile_upload_field’ filter to allow field object to be filtered. Added ‘gform_duplicate_field’ javascript filter to allow duplicated field to be changed.

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Introducing the New Sucuri Customer Dashboard

Over the course of the last year, our teams have been getting creative and making a collaborative effort to improve the experience of our customer dashboard. Website security is multifaceted and we understand the logistical complexities of managing multiple sites. That’s why we are continually brainstorming ways to make the management of your website security tools more streamlined.

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WordPress Community Team Considers New Retreat-Style WordCamp

The WordPress Community Team is debating the merits of a new type of WordCamp, a hybrid event with the traditional WordCamp content in a retreat-style format. Sven Wagener and the Köln meetup group in Germany, which has more than 700 members, have proposed a new style of camp that would potentially be called “WordCamp in the Green” or “WordCamp Retreat.”

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Jetpack 4.9 Introduces EU Cookie Law Banner Widget

Jetpack 4.9 gives self-hosted WordPress users access to some of the widgets that are available on WordPress.com. One of the most useful ones for European websites is the new EU Cookie Law Banner widget. The WordPress plugin directory has dozens of plugins related to cookie consent, but Jetpack users can now get this feature bundled with the popular plugin.

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#SmallBusinessWeek Day 3: Spotlight on Securing your Business Site

Continuing with our #SmallBusinessWeek celebration, today the spotlight is on how Jetpack protects your business site from unwelcome attention and, more crucially, how using Jetpack means you can recover from problems. Neglect. Day by day, week by week, month by month, if a building is not maintained cracks will appear, rust will take hold, and eventually, the roof will cave in when you least expect it to.

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Things Jimmy Kimmel’s Baby Should Have Done to Deserve Health Care, According to Republicans

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel delivered a tearful monologue last night about his newborn son who was born with a heart defect and had life-saving surgery at just three days old. And today, Republicans are trying to get the votes to pass a health care law that will make it next to impossible for people like Kimmel’s baby to ever get care they can afford.

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10 Things You Can Do Better While Working With Programmers

If you had to guess what is it that programmers hate the most, what would you say? A Quora thread asking this question triggered over 90 replies and nearly 450k views. Clearly, there are some strong sentiments on this issue. What struck me the most is that some of the problems these developer complained about are very much avoidable.

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Jetpack 4.9: New Widgets and Many Small Improvements

Following last month’s big redesign, we focused this next release on a few new widgets and several performance improvements and bug fixes. This release makes three new widgets available for use on your site: EU Cookie Law Banner widget: allows you to display the standard confirmation required by EU law that gives site visitors the ability to accept site cookies.

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Longreads and Original Journalism

Amid the wreckage of fallen startups, Longreads is increasing the original reporting it funds: Longreads has raised about $250,000 from “thousands of members” since it added memberships in 2012. The suggested monthly amount is now $5 a month or $50 a year, though readers can choose to donate any amount, and Armstrong said that the company’s gotten some thousand-dollar donations.

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