Why Remote Work Can’t Be Stopped

When Dell recently surveyed its 110,000 employees about their work habits, it discovered something surprising: While only 17% of Dell’s employees were formally authorized to work wherever they prefer, 58% were already working remotely at least one day a week. That’s good news, says Steve Price, chief human resources officer at Dell.

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Markdown-powered creation of authentic-looking D&D Fifth Edition adventures

Scott Tolksdorf’s The Homebrewery: The Homebrewery makes the creation and sharing of authentic looking Fifth-Edition homebrews easy. It uses Markdown with a little CSS magic to make your brews come to life. I’m Dungeon Master of a group currently playing the Storm King’s Thunde adventure. Last weekend, my 12 year old nephew was visiting, and…

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What’s New in Gutenberg? (June 5th)

Added multi-block selection support. Added version one of Freeform block. Animate block controls only on first appear. Accessibility improvements for FormToggle component. Added tests for Dashicon,…

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Find Belonging, Support With An Entrepreneurial Peer Group

In 2010, I was going through a tough divorce (aren’t they all) while my business was starting to really take off. Despite the outward facing business success, I was also battling what I now know is pretty typical of the entrepreneurial experience: conflict, pain, stress, and perhaps burnout INSIDE my business.

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Top Secret NSA Report Details Russian Hacking Effort Days Before 2016 Election

The report indicates that Russian hacking may have penetrated further into U.S. voting systems than was previously understood. It states unequivocally in its summary statement that it was Russian military intelligence, specifically the Russian General Staff Main Intelligence Directorate, or GRU, that conducted the cyber attacks described in the document: Russian General Staff Main Intelligence Directorate actors …

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WordCamp Europe 2017 Livestream Tickets Now Available

WordCamp Europe will be livestreaming all sessions again this year to make the event accessible to those who are unable to travel to Paris. Live stream tickets are free, but viewers must sign up on the tickets page. Organizers have also set up a page on the event’s website for people to advertise for buying or selling tickets.

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Vue.js Creator Evan You Weighs in on WordPress JavaScript Framework Discussion

Last week WordPress core contributors narrowed their considerations for a new JavaScript framework to React and Vue. As the core team has more collective knowledge of working with React, they have reached out to developers with different experiences of using other frameworks in a WordPress context.

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