#37646 (Make wp-settings.php a series of do_actions()) – WordPress Trac

As more robust and sophisticated plugins, themes, APIs, and systems start to use, rely on, and bend WordPress to their will, the need to override more & more pieces becomes apparent. While WordPress comes with a very handy set of default post types, taxonomies, APIs, helpers, wrappers, and tools, it may be desirable to unhook (or never load) certain pieces so that other pieces can take their place.

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Pagely Managed Hosting vs. WordPress VIP

The Pagely journey started with the simple idea that hosting your own WordPress powered site could be better. The service launched in late 2006 with some success. The platform was refined with additional services, tools, and configuration options and relaunched in 2009 creating the new market channel of “Managed WordPress Hosting” WordPress.com VIP came into being in late 2007/early 2008 as a premium option offered by Automattic’s WordPress.com blogging service.

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Toggle Wi-Fi Light when using Zoom with JavaScript · Elijah Manor

Being on Zoom with a family at home can be interesting, especially when you work in your bedroom closet like I do. I usually don’t mind if my wife or kids come into my office when I’m on a Zoom call unless I’m on with a client or during an important meeting.

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Here’s why using pirated WordPress themes is a terrible idea

Choosing the right WordPress theme is exceptionally important: the right theme can make a site, and vice versa for the wrong theme. The best WordPress themes are typically premium themes. We’ve been making WordPress themes for the last eight years, so we can attest to the extra value packed into premium themes – and also the huge amount of time it takes to develop a single WordPress theme.

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Zerif Lite Returns to WordPress.org after 5-Month Suspension and 63% Decline in Revenue

In October 2016, Zerif Lite was suspended from the WordPress Themes Directory after failure to comply with the Theme Review Team’s guidelines. The suspension left 300,000 users (including those using Zerif Lite child themes) without maintenance and security updates.

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Ask Sucuri: Common WAF Questions and Concerns

There is no more frustrating experience than knowing you need something, but not knowing which questions to ask. This resonates with website owners when they are told they need to add (yet another) security solution to their tech stack – and it’s called a Website Application Firewall (WAF).

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