The Year of the WordPress Accessibility Team – WerdsWords

This year has seen a lot of positive change in the WordPress contributor community, especially in the area of accessibility. Take for instance, the appearance this year of two new faces on the credits screen as of WordPress 4.3: Source: The Year of the WordPress Accessibility Team – WerdsWords Drew is completely on target here.

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It’s time to Escape the WordPress Bubble

WordPress has a bad rap in outside circles. While other communities are seeing WordPress as more than blog software, many still think that since WordPress supports PHP 5.2, it doesn’t also support PHP 5.6 or HHVM. They don’t know about the all the interesting problems that WordPress solves so that users and developers can get there jobs done easier.

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Auto Activating WordPress Plugins is the right choice

During the WordPress 4.2 cycle, one of the goals was to do some work aimed at improving the experience of users when updating and installing plugins. While the decision was ultimately made to scale back to just updating for this release, the code that installed plugins also automatically activated plugins when a user installs them.

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