100, long on Code, business myths, Google Analyticator sold, Customizer GitHub, out of oxygen, HTML email tips, Stepping up eCommerce reporting. Gah.

I am very pleased that today marks the 100th edition of the Post Status newsletter. If you’ve enjoyed the first 100 (or however many you’ve gotten so far), then I’d love if you tell your friends to join. It makes me so happy this little community we’ve made together.

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Membership sites, Popular plugins, Happytables, The Post Status podcast, and hosting

Thank you for subscribing to the Post Status newsletter 🙂 For content like this every day, join the Post Status Club! It’s a similar format, but with news and commentary from across the WordPress and web community. Today, I’m heading to WordCamp Atlanta. There are WordCamps going on in Atlanta, San Diego, and Seattle this weekend!

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