A Developer’s Learning Curve

If you’re a developer then what I’m about to tell you isn’t new. There’s no end to the need to keep learning. In software the world keeps changing and that means that there’s always something new to learn. So in many ways, almost like Sisyphus, the moment you think you’ve mastered something, you discover the learning curve is about to start again.

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Turning around GoDaddy – the company we love to hate

Eight and a half years ago, I joined a company called Emphasys Software. I’d been invited to step into a leadership role to help it build better software faster. At the time there had been several products that were intended to be sold back to existing customers – products that had been promised to customers but hadn’t been delivered.

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Now, update multiple WordPress sites at once (from your phone)

iThemes has never been just a WordPress themes company. From the beginning, iThemes was more than just a theme company – though it’s where most of the commercial WordPress companies started. After all, they kicked off a pretty large educational site, and over the years have found success with plugins like Backup Buddy.

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