Some of the Most 😍 Emoji Pens – CodePen Blog

Hakim El Hattab’s Pokemonooooooooo… Poor little ~lemmings~ people who don’t look up from their phones while walking around. See the Pen Pokemonooooooooo… by Hakim El Hattab (@hakimel) on CodePen. Rachel Smith’s Emoji!!!! Which she created in celebration shortly after we started supporting Emoji in Pens. See the Pen Emoji!!!! On CodePen!!

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CodePen Talks with 10 Other Web Companies About How They Run Their Business – CodePen Blog

We recently completed a 10-part mini series on our podcast, CodePen Radio, in which we talk with 1) Sparkbox Episode 101: We talk to Ben Callahan and Rob Harr from Sparkbox about their experience running an agency – hiring employees, forecasting cash flow, diversifying income, how Sparkbox handles apprenticeships, and how they’re handling growth.

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