Artificial intelligence learns Mario level in 34 attempts

Perhaps it’s that all the levels have simple, left-to-right objectives, or maybe it’s just that they’re so iconic, but for some reason older Mario games have long been a target for those interested in AI and machine learning. The latest effort is called MarI/O (get it?), and it learned an entire level of Super Mario World in 34 tries.

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United States planning legislation to offer Europeans the same privacy rights as US citizens

The United States government intends to offer European citizens the same privacy rights extended to US citizens. Exactly how it will do that is yet to be determined, but US attorney general Eric Holder this week told European leaders of the Obama administration’s intention to create legislation offering EU citizens “the same right to seek judicial redress for intentional or willful disclosures of protected information and for refusal to grant access or to rectify any errors in that information.”

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