CMB2: Size Matters | Half-Elf on Tech

One of the problems with adding a million custom meta boxes is that you have to arrange them in a way that doesn’t make the post editor suck. In today’s example I have the following custom meta ‘items’: Featured Image: 1 Taxonomies: 3 Dropdown selections: 3 “Rating” scores: 4 Text Boxes: 6 (1 plain text, 5 TinyMCE) That’s a lot of data.

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Will You Help Me Sell My Plugin? | Half-Elf on Tech

I get asked this a lot. It comes with the territory, but people ask me to help them monetize their plugins all the time. And my answer is always the same. As much as I am a strong advocate of people making money off of WordPress, and as much as I support plugin and theme devs in their work, I’m not out here to help you run your business.

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Where Did Underline Go? | Half-Elf on Tech

As of WordPress 4.7, the visual editor no longer has a button for underline. There were a lot of reasons for this, but primary are two: Space is not limitless. Underlining looks like links. Naturally someone complained that we were breaking style guides: When referencing a source of information it is correct form to underline the title of the source.

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Security: Do it the WordPress Way | Half-Elf on Tech

Pretty regularly, people complain that I’m being pedantic and stubborn about security. They argue that their home-grown filters and regular expression checks are more than sufficient for sanitizing and validating data. Invariably I tell them “WordPress has a function for that. Please use it. Don’t create your own.”

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Working with Webhosts

Working with a host isn’t just sending in tickets into the abyss and hoping they answer them. Whether you’re communicating on behalf of a client or for your own benefit, it’s not the same as working with fellow developers. You need to approach a host with different expectations and explain situations in different ways in order to get the best results.

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Say Thank You Publicly and Be a Better Coder

Takayuki Miyoshi is one of the best developers for WordPress you probably don’t know about. Miyoshi-san is quiet, thoughtful, and had written a handful of plugins you probably do know. Like Contact Form 7. He’s also written a wonderful multilanguage plugin called Bogo. He gave his very first presentation in English about why he uses free plugins.

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Rant: We’ve Forgotten Nettiquette

When I was new on the interwebs, people told me things like “Don’t bump your posts” or “Don’t nag people.” I took those lessons to heart, and even though this new online message board thing was awesome and addictive and a great way to talk to people all the time, it introduced us to a new/old problem of instantaneous gratification.

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