Sending Happiness with WordPress – HeroPress

This is hopefully the first of a new kind of post on HeroPress. This post is about someone doing something heroic with WordPress, but it doesn’t quite fit the essay model. I’d love feedback on what you think. A couple weeks ago Matt Cromwell sent me a note on Slack that said “Did you meet the team behind this project in Pune?”

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I Don’t Know Anything and That’s OK – HeroPress

I grew up on a small farm in lower mid-Michigan. I am the oldest of seven children and was homeschooled from second grade until I started college. Until my first day at Jackson Community College in the summer of 2006 at the age of eighteen, my world consisted of little else besides what existed within the borders of our eighty acre farm.

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WordCamp Pune 2015, The Experience Part 2 – HeroPress

Sunday morning came bright and early. Once again I completely forgot about breakfast and headed down to the lobby where Rahul and Aditya were going to pick me up to head to WordCamp. I mentioned that I forgot breakfast, so when we got to the venue (really quite early) Rahul’s business partner Vivek asked if I’d like to go out for breakfast.

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The Voices Of The Young – HeroPress

This week begins a three week series on HeroPress of essays from people younger than 20. Someone wise pointed out that these aren’t necessarily stories about “the periphery” of WordPress. I’m choosing to go ahead with them though, because I think this is definitely a thin margin in the WordPress community, and one that we want to foster and help grow.

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HeroPress Rising

We’ve spent the last weeks looking at everything we know and planned for HeroPress. Why we’re doing it, for whom, how, etc., and we’ve made some changes. Our original audience was WordPress developers and users struggling to interact across cultural and linguistic barriers between the stereotypical Western and non-Western worlds.

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