Families hoping to make the U.S. their home scramble to rearrange their lives

Hours of interviews, months of waiting: they were a small price to pay for Syrians, Iranians and others hoping the U.S. would be their new home. President Trump appeared to end those hopes Friday with an executive order that was expected to bar refugees from entering the United States, including citizens of several Muslim-majority nations.

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‘Volatile and critical’ shooting with multiple injuries reported in Azusa

Police are responding to a report of a shooting with at least four people injured in Azusa. Few details were released about the shooting, which occurred sometime after 2 p.m. in a residential neighborhood, said Officer Jerry Willison of the Azusa Police Department. “This is a very volatile and critical situation,” he said.

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L.A. County spends more than $233,000 a year to hold each youth in juvenile lockup

Los Angeles County’s juvenile detention system was designed in an era when youth crime was on the rise. The number of juvenile arrests has fallen dramatically in recent years. Some say the system has not kept up with this shift, and now it’s costing taxpayers money.A county audit found that the…

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VW cheated on U.S. pollution tests for ‘clean diesels’

Volkswagen called them “clean diesels,” branding them as the fun-to-drive alternatives to hybrids as it dominated the U.S. market for the engine technology. Turns out the increasingly eco-conscious buyers of the sporty German cars have been unwittingly pumping smog into the air – because of software VW installed to cheat on U.S.

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El Niño contributing to ‘monsoon on steroids’ behind Southland’s humid weather

Yes, it’s hot, but the real story is the humidity. California is experiencing a particularly muggy, sticky summer, and some experts say rising ocean temperatures are at least partly to blame. Record-high sea temperatures off the Mexican and Central American coast are supercharging moist air moving from Mexico into California, some scientists say, dousing us with weather that seems more like Houston than Hollywood.

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