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The goal at WP101 is to teach the basics of WordPress and beyond in about one hour, all through a series of professionally shot video tutorials. The tutorial series covers everything you need to know in order to create and manage a WordPress site, with the lessons geared towards new users of WordPress who are looking to get a better understanding of the software.

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Scale WordPress with Pagely®

Now that we’re powered by Amazon, we allow you to scale internally from a tiny personal plan all the way up to full blown enterprise. This means that unlike some other hosting providers, you’ll literally never outgrow us. In fact, we can scale you smoothly along the way, with the ability to easily upgrade your plan on the fly from Personal>Business>Professional>Ultimate.

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What Do You Want?

Every management book says “listen to your customers” but most organizations don’t for some reason. The organization setting up facilities in Sochi apparently thought people would want side by side toilets without dividers. Something tells me they weren’t listening to their customers. This post is an attempt to do the opposite.

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