Accounting for Website Security in Higher Education | PerezBox

Published in Security on This morning I had the privilege of speaking at the Higher Education Web Professionals Association (HighEdWeb) annual conference. I took the opportunity to share a number of points around the website security threats as they pertain to the education industry, our observations on the trends at Sucuri and more importantly our thoughts on how to think about website security.

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HTTPS Does Not Secure Your Website | PerezBox

Published in Security on Ever since Google made their announcement that they were exploring the idea of using HTTPS as a Ranking Signal for your SEO, the web has gone nuts for HTTPS. For a number of security professionals it’s generated groans and a heightened level of annoyance and consternation at what has become an over abundance of irrational thought, perspective and improper guidance and insight.

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The Beauty in Being Naive | PerezBox

Published in Business on I think there is an elegance to being removed from opinion or bias. Too often we tend to shake our heads at the other and think, They just don’t know… This clouds our way of thinking, and in some instances blocks our ability to think beyond our norms. I ask myself every day, with every decision, what is driving this decision?

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Security is in a constant evolving state and keeping up with the various changes can be hard. As my journey in the security industry continues, I will share thoughts and opinions based on my experiences. I’ll focus mostly on website security, sprinkled with general security concepts – all tailored to the everyday user.

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