FAQ about The Year Without Pants (with satisfying answers)

It has been a great few months for my 5th book, The Year Without Pants (about my year managing a team at WordPress.com). Thanks for spreading the word. The book was named an Amazon.com best book of the year, earning attention from Forbes, Publisher’s Weekly, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, ZDNet, and hundreds more.

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The many mothers of invention

(This is an excerpt from chapter 3 of the bestseller, The Myths of Innovation) All the cliche╠üs about beginnings are true, at least in part. The history of innovation is large enough that all the sayings, from Plato’s famous “Necessity is the mother of invention” to Emerson’s “Build a better mouse- trap and the world will beat a path to your door” hold some truth.

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The Four Lies of Storytelling

Recently on The Gist podcast novelist and storytelling coach Matthew Dicks offered his four useful lies of telling true stories. He believes that these careful manipulations of the truth work in the service of the audience. Dicks offered that “All the lies I tell on stage are never told for my benefit, or for the story’s benefit, but for the clarity of the audience”.

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