New Inclusive Parents plugin adds more statuses to WordPress’s Parent Page options – Stephanie Leary

There’s a long-running feature/bug in WordPress that prevents you from using unpublished pages as parents: that is, you can’t add child pages to anything that’s set to private, password-protected, scheduled, pending, or draft. This prevents you from doing things like creating a new scheduled section of a website for embargoed content, or submitting a whole …

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Better 404 error messages for private posts and pages – Stephanie Leary

When a non-logged-in reader visits a private WordPress post or page, she gets a 404 “not found” error message, as if the post didn’t exist at all. That’s great if you don’t want the world to know that the post exists, but what if you’re doing something less clandestine, like members-only content?

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A better color scheme chooser for Genesis – Stephanie Leary

Most Genesis themes come with several color schemes. However, most of the time, these feature one prominent color. The built-in color scheme chooser is therefore a simple dropdown list of color names: Red, Green, and so on. When I started talking to the Berkeley College of Engineering’s Marketing staff about creating a flexible WordPress theme …

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Why “click here” is a terrible link, and what to write instead – Stephanie Leary

An astonishing percentage of what I do with my clients’ web copy involves eradicating the phrase “click here” from their links. For more information, click here. You see it everywhere. Everyone’s doing it, so it must be a best practice, right? Wrong. It’s the worst possible practice.

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