Donald Trump’s volunteer contract forbids all criticism of Trump for life

Donald Trump’s campaign requires volunteers to sign a contract that forbids them from criticizing the Republican presidential front-runner, his family members, any Trump businesses or products, or his campaign. The six-page contract, reviewed in full by the Daily Dot, theoretically lasts for the entirety of a volunteer’s life.

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City of Chicago to start imposing ‘Netflix tax’

Users of streaming services like Netflix and Spotify living in Chicago may soon get an unwelcome surprise on their monthly bills. On July 1, the city of Chicago implemented a 9 percent tax on cloud services. Chicago’s Municipal Code has long imposed a tax on amusement activities within the city ranging from rodeos to bowling.

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A robot vacuum tried to eat its sleeping owner’s head

The future of robots is simultaneously thrilling and terrifying. For every mental image of sweet Wall-E, there’s one of Terminator’s invincible red eye. Will our robotic overloads be task-oriented, adorable, and friendly… or will they try to murder us in our sleep? Well if you believe the latter, then the future is already here!

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