User Trust Matters now available in Japanese

ユーザーとの信頼関係の重要性 – WordPress コミュニティにおける後方互換性という哲学 When I was summarizing my last month of daily posting, I mentioned a few ways I felt like my writing was having impact. I didn’t even consider that my work would inspire someone to translate what I wrote my writing into another language.

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User Trust Matters

Helen Hou-Sandi, in response to someone suggesting a large rewrite in slack wrote this: Your plan as I understand it disregards a couple of core WordPress philosophies/practices: striving for maintenance of backwards-compatibility, and that an X.0 release is no more significant than X.1 or Y.9 (this is closely related to maintaining back-compat, in that something like semantic versioning is less meaningful for WordPress core).

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WordPress contributor continuity and other stats

I posted a graph of new WordPress contributors per release and Brian Krogsgard had some questions that I decided to look into. Mostly he wanted to know how well WordPress did at maintaining contributors. So I made some more graphs. In general, past contributions as a predictor of future contributions are pretty consistent across releases.

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Random Thoughts on… Teaching yourself to code

Self-education is something that separates good developers from great developers. Great devs are always searching for new ways to do things, always trying to learn. You need to rely on YOU for your education. However, teaching yourself isn’t always something that comes natural. Here are some of the things I’ve learned about learning that might help you.

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