Yes, ‘Aspergery’ Is a Slur and It’s Time to Stop Using It

Jeffrey Goldberg’s column in The Atlantic detailing the Obama administration increasingly frosty relationship with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent geopolitical tongues wagging. Details of administration officials’ list of private insults to describe Netanyahu include chickenshit, myopic, obtuse, blustering. But one description was abhorrent on a level far above politics: “Aspergery.”

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Your ‘Craft’ Whiskey Is Probably From a Factory Distillery in Indiana

Read the promotional materials for the Rancho de Los Luceros DestilarĂ­a and you form an image of a supremely artisanal effort. The distillery creates “small batch heirloom spirits handcrafted in New Mexico.” Each batch of their rye whiskies, vodka, and gin is “individual and unique,” and “each bottle is hand bottled and hand marked with batch and bottle number.”

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In Gay Rights Fights, Bullies Love to Play the Victim

Can you hear the piteous weeping? The wronged tears? Those poor bigots are under attack. Those who are prejudiced against gay people are having their constitutional right to say so trampled. It’s a terrible injustice: you can’t believe that gay people are lesser without some pesky homosexual objecting and “bullying” you into believing that equality under the law is a venerable aim.

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