What you need to know about the JSON REST API

The new JSON REST API is one of the more exciting developments in the WordPress world. One of the parts of working with the API that has generated the most confusion is authentication. In this article I will give you a brief introduction to how authentication works with the REST API and the authentication system provided by the REST API team.

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DradCast Episode 060: WordPress the Enabler

Jason Cohen is the founder of WP Engine, and before that he founded Smart Bear and IT WatchDogs. He’s started 4 companies that grew to more than $1m in revenue, both bootstrapped and funded. He has 50,000 subscribers to his blog about early-stage startups: blog.asmartbear.com You can find him on twitter @asmartbear, on his website, and at wpengine.com.

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IFTTT Recipes for Automating Your WordPress Tasks

Do you ever wish that after you’ve poured heart and soul into an article or blog post and hit the ‘publish’ button, everything else would take care of itself? That spreading your content would just work on its own? That you didn’t have to log into Facebook and Twitter manually, create listings for your post, and then publish them?

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5 Other WordPress Businesses That You Could Start

Unless you got here by mistake, you’re here because you’ve heard how popular and maybe even how easy WordPress is. And if that’s the case, maybe you’ve thought about stepping into the ecosystem. Maybe you’ve wondered what kind of business opportunities exist-especially if you don’t feel confident going out on your own yet, and don’t love working for an agency.

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A Walk Through the Evolution of Sidekick

Many WordPress users struggle with the day-to-day how-tos of website development. In fact, WordPress has evolved to be so dynamic that many users don’t even realize what their website or blog is capable of. Or, even if you do know that a certain function is possible, the (often times) daunting task of learning how to do it may seem taxing.

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