Talking Publicly About Harassment Generates More Harassment

A few months ago, I posted a series of tweets about some of the most disturbing and vile sexual harassment I receive online.(Read my entire series of tweets here)Because the behaviors of online harassers are often so predictable, I feared that doing this would result in a flood of similar harassment, but I felt it was important to speak out about it precisely because men use tactics like this in an effort to silence and disempower women, and because I know that gendered online harassment of this sort is hardly unique to me.

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the50footwoman: mariesbookblog: bear-e…

the50footwoman: mariesbookblog: bear-eggs: geekandmisandry: Wow, I had no idea Satan was so knowledgeable and generous with his time. #TeamSatan Can satan come teach a class at my school i can’t stop laughing I’ll never forget the first time Uncle Satan came to read to me because my parents forgot to put the fear of the Good Lord into me.

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Why Fahrenheit is Better than Celsius

Astute reader wargut responded to yesterday’s observation about the Fahrenheit scale being affine-ish with the following incorrect assertion: Seriously, guys, your system is bullsh~t. It’s on. First, the Kelvin scale is indisputably the best of {K,℉,℃} for physics. Given that ∃ a natural zero it should be reflected in the measurement system.

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Some users unable to Tweet

Update 16:21 PST ]Between 15:18 and 16:11 PST today, some users were unable to Tweet and received a notice telling them they’ve been locked out.This issue has now been fully resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this.We are aware of an issue where some users are unable to Tweet and have received a notice telling them they’ve been locked out.

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Disney movies in order of historical set…

Disney movies in order of historical setting (Excludes most of the package films. Some films, eg The Lion King, are impossible to pin down exactly and some, like Aladdin and Treasure Planet, are anachronistic, so these are estimations. A few have been split into 2 if there is more than one time period in the movie, and sequels have been put together.)

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what if the Imperium had a modern internet

no but just imagine Barrayarans and Komarrans* making jokes and memes and mashup videos and reaction gifs of their celebrities and politicians just like we do *Sergyarans do it too, occasionally, when they’re not too exhausted from fighting vampire balloons and hexapods and the Imperium is very cautiously trying out this “free speech” thing so they let it go and astonishingly enough making fun of the counts actually seems to release public tension instead of heighten it (who knew!)

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