WebDevStudios Does PressNomics 2015!

We’re excited to say that several members of the WebDevStudios team will be in attendance at PressNomics 2015! It’s almost here! For those of you who aren’t familiar: PressNomics is a conference that was started by Joshua Strebel, CEO of Page.ly, in an effort to create a space where the economics of WordPress could be discussed by the “who’s who” of WordPress business owners and innovators.

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WDS Holiday Charity Competition Recap | WebDevStudios.com

WebDevStudios loves to help people, and this holiday season brought on a great new tradition of helping others for the entire team. In late November our awesome project managers Cristina Cannon and Jaimie Olmstead came up with the brilliant idea of a Holiday Charity Competition between the three teams that make up WebDevStudios-The A-Team, The Scream Team, and Team Maintainn.

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Removing PHP4 Compatibility in WordPress Custom Widgets | WebDevStudios.com

There I was. Working on adding PHP docblocks to widgets.php in /wp-includes, , when I came across this: /** * PHP4 constructor */ public function WP_Widget( $id_base, $name, $widget_options = array(), $control_options = array() ) { WP_Widget::__construct( $id_base, $name, $widget_options, $control_options ); } So I set about trying to figure out the appropriate @since parameter to use.

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WebDevStudios Acquires Maintainn to bring WordPress Support and Maintenance Services In-House

Furthering our goal of continuing to provide excellent post-launch support and maintenance for our clients here at WebDevStudios, we are so excited to announce that we have completed the acquisition of Maintainn in order to fully bring ongoing support and maintenance services in-house.

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Lisa Sabin-Wilson at Prestige Conference 2014!

The Prestige Conference is taking place in Downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota from Friday, October 3rd to Saturday; October 4th. This conference is unlike any other! They have sought out the BEST speakers in the WordPress Community to speak on topics related to the economics of WordPress, with the target audience being entrepreneurs in the WordPress industry.

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Better Responsive Typography

Any smartphone user has probably noticed and been annoyed by sites (even responsive ones) that are difficult to read or just don’t look quite right. I know I’ve been annoyed by trying to view a website on my phone and having to strain to read the text, or given up waiting on a page to load due to a slow connection or just a half-considered mobile layout.

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Dre Armeda Joins WebDevStudios

In May 2014, Dre Armeda announced that he was stepping down as CEO of Sucuri, Inc., a business that he started 4 years ago and turned into a very successful multi-million dollar, 30+ employee company that services millions of unique monthly scans, monitors thousands of websites, and makes sure that 100′s of websites are cleared of malware daily.

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Which Brad Will You Be Seeing at WordCamp Grand Rapids 2014?

This year for WordCamp Grand Rapids, it is being held from Friday, August 15th – Sunday, August 17th and is taking place at the DeVos Center on Grand Valley State University’s Pew Campus. During WordCamp, you will have the chance to see WDS team member, Brad Parbs, speak on Extremely Powerful Local WordPress Development With Vagrant and Friends.

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Don’t repeat yourself! How to create an Author Box using the Gravatar API | WebDevStudios.com

Wouldn’t it be great if the box above could be automatically filled by your Gravatar profile? Tons of services auto-populate your info using Gravatar right? Why can’t my profile information (and social media info) just auto populate in WordPress too!? (NOTE: someone smarter than me should definitely work on getting this into WordPress core!)

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