An App That Makes It Easy to Pester Your Congress Member

Joe Trippi pioneered the use of social media as a fundraising tool. As campaign manager for Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean in 2004, he started a trend that has reinvented that way politicians run for office. But he believes that many politicians are still missing out on the power of the internet once they’re elected….

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Never Mind Trump. The Internet Wants to Watch What’s Behind Him

Someone With Tiny Hands may have bullied his way into the center of the American political arena, but during his Super Tuesday victory speech last week, the real action took place in the margins. That’s where you could find Chris Christie apparently lost in reverie, his bewildering expressions instantly stealing the spotlight from Someone With Tiny Hands’s choreographed Main Event.

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How WIRED Is Going to Handle Ad Blocking

Over the past several years, there’s been a significant increase in the number of people using ad-blocking software in their web browser. We have certainly seen a growth in those numbers here at WIRED, where we do all we can to write vital stories for an audience that’s passionate about the ongoing adventure of our rapidly changing world.

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The popular blogging site unveiled a new admin interface today for managing blogs, posting content, and reading other people’s sites. If you’re a regular user, you’ll notice a new look and feel. If you’re a code geek, you’ll notice something more remarkable below the surface: JavaScript instead of PHP.

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Why Migrated (And Why Your Site Should Too)

If you’re in engineering management, there’s almost certainly a ticket lurking at the bottom of your team’s Trello/Jira/Pivotal board. The details of the specific tasks vary, and if you’re lucky they don’t include “migrate 45,751 posts from flat files and old JSPs to our current CMS” like mine did, but the general idea is the same: Clean Up Technical Debt.

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Cops Don’t Need a Crypto Backdoor to Get Into Your iPhone

Late last week, the privacy community scored a victory in a year-long battle over the future of encryption: In internal discussions, the White House quietly overruled law enforcement and intelligence officials, deciding that it won’t pursue a policy of pushing tech companies to put “backdoors” in their encryption that would allow government agencies to access decrypted private data.

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Watch This Terrifying Cheetah Robot Jump Over Hurdles | WIRED

When you combine robots and cheetahs with military funding, you’re bound to end up with something incredible. Robotics engineers from MIT have spent over five years developing a battery-powered quadruped robot capable of running as fast as a human being. And now they’ve trained that robot to jump over hurdles-autonomously.

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How GitHub Conquered Google, Microsoft, and Everyone Else

Chris DiBona was worried everything would end up in one place. This was a decade ago, before the idea of open source software flipped the tech world upside-down. The open source Linux operating system was already running an enormous number of machines on Wall Street and beyond, proving you can generate big value-and big money-by freely sharing software code with the world at large.

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Silicon Valley Thinks It Can Learn From Skater Culture. It’s a Terrible Idea | WIRED

Silicon Valley Has Lost Its Way, the WIRED headline began. Sure, I’ll go with that. It continued, Can Skateboarding Legend Rodney Mullen Help It? And there it is: the idea that skate culture could energize a languid tech world. Is skateboarding the EpiPen the Valley needs? No. Please no. Not now.

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The Real Reason That Crazy Wheel of Time Pilot Was So Awful | WIRED

Sunday night’s biggest televised offerings were all about spectacle-the furor over Kanye’s stage-rushing recidivism, Better Call Saul’s big debut-but over on FXX one event attempted to skate by undetected. At 1:30 a.m. EST/PST, the network aired Winter Dragon, a pilot based on Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time fantasy series.

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Inside the Buzz-Fueled Media Startups Battling for Your Attention | WIRED

Type By Dirk Fowler It’s like a parody, spending time in a well-funded startup’s office, with exposed brick walls and Great Big Screens Showing User Numbers and Pie Charts, just down the street from a food truck pavilion, sipping on a cup of roasted-one-block-away designer coffee while debating iPhone 6 versus iPhone 6 Plus.

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Google Embraces Docker, the Next Big Thing in Cloud Computing

Google is putting its considerable weight behind an open source technology that’s already one of the hottest new ideas in the world of cloud computing. This technology is called Docker. You can think of it as a shipping container for things on the internet-a tool that lets online software makers neatly package their creations so they can rapidly move them from machine to machine to machine.

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Don’t Blame Big Cable. It’s Local Governments That Choke Broadband Competition

Despite the public, political, and business interest in greater broadband deployment, not every American has high-speed internet access — but who’s really to blame for strangling broadband competition? While popular arguments focus on supposed ‘monopolists’ such as big cable companies, it’s really our local governments and public utilities that impose the most significant barriers to entry.

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Homeopathic remedies recalled for containing real medicine

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recalled homeopathic remedies made by a company called Terra-Medica because they may contain actual medicine — possibly penicillin or derivatives of the antibiotic. Terra-Medica creates a range of homeopathic capsules, suppositories and ointments under clinical-sounding brand names including Pleo-Fort, Pleo-Quent and Pleo-EX.

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