Command line interface for WordPress | WP-CLI

wp plugin install rest-api –activate Installing WordPress REST API (Version 2) (2.0-beta13) Downloading install package from… Unpacking the package… Installing the plugin… Plugin installed successfully. Activating ‘rest-api’… Success: Plugin ‘rest-api’ activated.

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Version 0.24.0 released

As I mentioned in my WordCamp Europe talk: Just like WordPress has plugins, the future of WP-CLI is packages of commands. For this future, I’m trying to proactively solve the problems WordPress has with plugins: Where WordPress plugins are considered second-class to what’s included in core, I’d like WP-CLI packages to be considered first-class citizens amongst the commands in WP-CLI.

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Commands cookbook

Docs ” GuidesQuick links: Anatomy of a command |Annotating with PHPDoc |Command internals |Writing tests |Add to the package index Creating your own custom WP-CLI command can be easier than it looks. WP-CLI’s goal is to offer a complete alternative to the WordPress admin; for any action you might want to perform in the WordPress admin, there should be an equivalent WP-CLI command.

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