WordCamp London 2017 Highlights | WordPress Hosting by @WPEngine

WordCamp London 2017 occurred this past weekend at London Metropolitan University and was another incredible experience. With more than 500 people on hand to make the event a success for the second year, read on for some highlights from #wcldn. Location and Event Overview It’s notable that many attendees are from the UK and travel to …

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PHP 7 Compatibility Checker: Prep Your Site For PHP 7 | WP Engine Blog

Taylor McCaslin 7.7.2016 There’s a great deal of buzz around PHP 7. As the next major version of PHP-the most popular web development language in the world-it promises serious performance gains, drastically reduced memory consumption, improved security, and more. Results show that with PHP 7, WordPress sites are more than twice as fast.

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WP Engine Now Supports HTTP/2

Everyone wants their website to perform better. And as a WP Engine customer, you rely on us to ensure your site is hitting all of your performance goals and providing your visitors with an amazing digital experience. Today, we’re happy to announce that WP Engine now supports HTTP/2, the latest version of HTTP, which can reduce web page latency and improve SEO.

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We’re Updating All WP Engine Sites To WordPress 4.4.1 | WordPress Hosting by @WPEngine

WordPress today released a security and maintenance update that fixes 52 bugs in WordPress 4.4. Most importantly, WordPress 4.4.1 fixes a cross-site scripting vulnerability that could allow sites to be compromised. It also contains a number of non-security bug fixes. You can read more about the update on the WordPress blog.

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Q&A With 10up’s Doug Stewart At WordCamp DFW [Video] | WordPress Hosting by @WPEngine

Doug Stewart is a WordPress aficionado and Senior Systems Engineer for web design and development agency 10up. At WordCamp DFW, we chatted with Doug about a variety of topics, including WP-CLI, a powerful tool that makes administering WordPress sites easy; and helping coordinate the inaugural WordCamp US this December in Philadelphia.

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Streamline Your Workflow With Mercury Vagrant (HGV) Version 1.3

by Stephen Lin In the past, you had to exit one vagrant and get into another if you wanted to work on a different site. It was disruptive to your workflow. Mercury Vagrant (HGV) 1.3, the latest version, changes that. In version 1.3, which is available now, we’ve added support for running multiple sites with one vagrant.

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Live Google Hangout: Finely Tuned Consultant With Zoe Rooney

At WP Engine, we’re passionate about helping our customers learn and grow. In keeping with that ethos, we proudly present “Finely Tuned Consultant,” a series of interviews with some of the brightest talents in tech, marketing, and (naturally) WordPress. by Jonathan McNamara In this edition of Finely Tuned Consultant, hosts Jonathan McNamara and Emma Zwirko will speak with Zoe Rooney.

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New Investment Will Fuel Innovation, Global Growth, And Customer Experience

by Heather J. Brunner At WP Engine, we’re dedicated to expanding our global business and bringing to market cutting-edge, innovative solutions to power our customers’ brands through WordPress technology. Today, we’ve secured an additional $23 million in funding led by North Bridge Growth Equity, which is doubling down on its investment in WP Engine to fuel our technology leadership and continued growth.

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Give Your Global Site A Local Feel With GeoIP (Now In General Availability)

by Tomas Puig WP Engine GeoIP allows WordPress site owners to serve different web content to different users depending on their location. You can immediately redirect visitors to content in their language or currency, display geographically-specific content, or hide irrelevant content. GeoIP empowers you to create more relevant, targeted, personalized user experiences.

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