Preventing Form Resubmission Warnings in WordPress with the Post/Redirect/Get Pattern | WPShout

Today’s article is on an advanced topic in WordPress development, and is by a distinguished guest and a truly outstanding WordPress developer and educator: Carl Alexander. Carl is a PHP developer from MontrĂ©al, Canada, who shares his passion for advanced programming topics on his website,, where he publishes articles on a regular basis.

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Gentle Introduction to Functional PHP for WordPress Developers: Using Filter and Map on Arrays of Posts | WPShout

Fred’s post last week was about filtering through arrays of posts and ordering them. He foreached through arrays, and then used PHP’s usort() function to get a list of alphabetized posts with comments open. That got me thinking a little bit about a topic I very briefly touched on in my summary of the JavaScript ecosystem: functional programming.

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Understanding the JSON API, XML-RPC, and Remote Publishing to Your WordPress Site

One of the hallmark features of WordPress 4.1 – yes we just got WordPress 4.0, and you’re right, it is really awesome – is likely to be a new way to remotely publish to WordPress: the hallowed “JSON REST API.” But for a lot of people, I know that that sounds like a whole lot of random meaningless letters.

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How Long Does Building a WordPress Site Take?

Our thanks to this week’s content partner! The best piece of WordPress writing last week was from Brian at Post Status: How much should a custom WordPress website cost? Throughout the post, Brian makes the very correct point that “Pricing is hard,” and that “a website” can truly cost almost anything, depending on the client’s needs.

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