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Improving the WordPress User Experience | WP Site Care

I was incredibly refreshed when Rob sent me a link to Helen’s Hou-Sandí’s blog post on Tuesday. Helen is leading the WordPress 4.7 release cycle and she’s looking at tackling a challenge that has been working against WordPress for quite a while.

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WP Contributions – Pluginize

Provides an easy way to display your Themes, Plugins, Core tickets, and Codex contributions with handy widgets and template tags. WordPress wouldn’t be as amazing as it is without all of the contributors to the project. The community is proud of each and every contributor.

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Keynote Archives – php[world] 2016

We’ve selected five amazing keynotes to highlight the main themes of our conference this year, and leave attendees inspired with great ideas when they return to their jobs. (Return to the Full Schedule)

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How to Create a Custom Facebook Feed in WordPress

Recently, one of our users asked if we could cover how to create a custom Facebook feed in WordPress? You can display Facebook posts from your page or group on your WordPress site to improve engagement. In this article, we will show you how to create a custom Facebook feed in WordPress.

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How A ‘Nightmare’ Law Could Make Sharing Passwords Illegal

People share passwords all the time. A husband might give his wife his bank account login so she can pay a bill. A professor might ask a secretary to check emails. Comedian Samantha Bee’s segment on Syrian refugees featured her teaching them essential phrases in U.S.