How we’ve destroyed user stories – Sherif Mansour – Medium

Somewhere along the journey of our teams transitioning to agile practices we picked up user stories. We got incredibly excited - no longer do we have to write long functional requirements documents, but instead, using short sentence format, we could express what our customers intended to do… requirements without the long documents…

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Open Sourcing Mental Illness Surpasses $50K Fundraising Goal

Open Sourcing Mental Illness (OSMI), a non-profit organization that raises mental health awareness in the tech community, has surpassed its $50K fundraising goal for 2017. Ed Finkler, who founded OSMI in 2013, left his position as CTO of Graph Story to work full-time on speaking, educating, and providing resources to support mental wellness in the tech and open source communities.

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Sucuri Review: Digital Marketing Agencies and Website Security

Based in Melbourne, Australia for over 17 years, 24Digital knows what it takes to succeed in the ever-evolving digital marketing space which is no longer a world resting on desktop alone. The goal is to be an extension to every client’s marketing department, a true partnership to launch or rebuild effective websites – from WordPress to Magento ecommerce sites, and everything in between.

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An Iceberg Flipped Over, and Its Underside Is Breathtaking

Snow-covered icebergs dominate the scene near the shore of the Antarctic Peninsula, the northernmost part of the icy south polar region. Between the sun, the water and icy peaks, the beauty can be quite literally blinding. “Everything is reflective and everything’s white,” recalls filmmaker Alex Cornell, who vacationed there last month with his family.

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How Can I Make My Icon System Accessible? | CSS-Tricks

Here’s a question I got the other day? Would you suggest icon fonts or inline SVGs for a complex single page application? And are there specific accessibility concerns for either? Accessibility is especially important for us because schools use our products. I ask because we are currently in the process of unifying and setting up an icon system.

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Chassis Desktop Application for Local WordPress Development Now in Beta

Human Made has released its first public beta of Chassis Desktop, an application for local WordPress development. Chassis is a Vagrant-based virtual server and a community project that Human Made has commercially supported since 2012. The new desktop app is in early beta at version 0.2.0 with version 1.0.0 coming soon.

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Massive iceberg about to break off Antarctica, as crack expands by 11 miles

One of the world’s biggest icebergs ever is poised to break off from an Antarctic ice shelf, as a huge crack in the ice continues to grow. “In the largest jump since January, the rift in the Larsen C Ice Shelf has grown an additional 11 miles between May 25 and May 31, 2017,” said Adrian Luckman of Project MIDAS, a British Antarctic research project that’s keeping watch on the ever-growing crack.


WPWeekly Episode 271 – Recapping WordCamp Chicago 2017 With John James Jacoby

In this episode, I’m joined by John James Jacoby. We recap WordCamp Chicago 2017 and learn about what he’s been up to as of late. Jacoby was recently elected as a trustee by the Village of East Troy, WI. We discussed what lessons he’s learned through open source software development that he’ll apply to his Trustee role.

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Pods 2.7 Beta Introduces Flexible Relationships, Rewrites Fields in JavaScript

Pods Framework has released two new versions. Pods 2.6.9 is a maintenance release that includes bug fixes for Pods Templates, Auto Templates, and Pods Shortcodes. Meanwhile, Pods 2.7 beta 1 introduces a new feature called Flexible Relationships. Flexible Relationships uses WordPress’ media modal that allows users to add or edit records from within the parent record of a relationship.

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Enjoy Some New Custom Music! – Novel Soundtrax Check out the latest, fun Simbi commission I finished for a professional blacksmith, wood, and leather worker! And, of course, there’s my previous custom tune, “The Groovy City,” to enjoy, as well as some new, indie short-film music! I’ll try to keep this post updated as I add more custom work…

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UNICEF WordPress Hosting Case Study | Pagely®

After changing our CMS to WordPress, we wanted to make sure that our whole web eco-system was fast, secure and flexible. We did an RFP alongside some independent market research, and were ultimately able to narrow our list down to three or four qualified vendors, all of whom specialized in WordPress hosting and provided the type of security features we needed.

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Gravity Forms v2.2.2 Released – Gravity Forms Support

Gravity Forms v2.2.2 is now available via automatic update and the downloads page. This is a maintenance, bug fix and developer release. As with all updates we recommend users update as soon as possible. Added ‘gform_multifile_upload_field’ filter to allow field object to be filtered. Added ‘gform_duplicate_field’ javascript filter to allow duplicated field to be changed.

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